Wingstop: waited an hour before getting my order

While looking for a place to have dinner one night, I decided to try this place probably because I’m already familiar with restaurants nearby.


This one is new here and I’m so eager to try the very appealing Fried Pork with Jack Daniel’s.


It was good but I was not able to taste any Jack Daniel’s in it.  I thought it’s going to have much kick to it if they add just a tad bit more.  The steam veggies was delicious.  It was crunchy and that’s how I wanted my veggies be cooked.


Their  Salted Caramel Milkshake, this one is too sweet.  The caramel sauce was too sweet that the pinch of salt did not even kill the sweetness of it.   But you just had to let the ice melt a bit for you to finally enjoy the flavor.

Now, the service… My goodness! I waited for almost an hour for my order.  Was it worth the wait?  Not really.

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