Wedding Cake

We supposedly need not to worry about our Wedding Cake as it include in a package from our caterer (2 tier). We already found a design we wanted but as per my Husband’s meeting with them, they cannot promise to copy the cake we wanted.  So, I decided to find a supplier that will somehow create our dream wedding cake.

We wanted a Gothic, Dark and Sophisticated all Black cake as this will reflect our personality.  I know, as a tradition, the cake should reflect the woman’s personality that is why most bride’s cakes are white, neat and all that.  The thing is, this all white cake is really not for me.  And I am also considering my Husband’s taste.  Being in a band, this will also serve as a great display at the venue.




Finding a cake supplier here in Cavite is pretty easy.  There’s a lot to choose from on Facebook.  The thing is, Husband and I wanted our cake to look exactly like what we found on Pinterest that will not break our budget.  Like I said, we already have a cake so this is just an addition.  Since we both like the idea of all black cake with two skulls as a topper, we looked for a cake supplier that will give us the exact look of it that will not cost us much.  You see, fondant cake costs much and make that a Three-Tier.  It’s never going to be cheap. So, when I found the only one who gave us a very affordable price, I grabbed it. As per checking her Facebook profile, the cakes she does looks pretty decent.  She also has a high rating as a review.  So, I sent her a message and asked for  discount and she gladly gave me one.  The only problem is the skull topper.  Husband did not like the look of it.  He liked the one provided by our caterer instead. And I agree.  It looked creepy. 😀



The two-tier cake was the one provided by the caterer and the three-tier cake was from the cake supplier I found.










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