Wanderland Music and Arts Festival

I have to say that this year’s line up for Wanderland was so overwhelming.  I mean, it got all the feels… From Panama to The Naked and Famous to Bon Iver and Death Cab For Cutie.  But my long awaited and favorite performance for the night would have to be Bon Iver’s and DCFC’s.  They’re just so amazing live.



When we came in, Bon Iver’s already making everyone cry.  Seriously, the girls in-front of me sobbing to each other and I can’t blame them.  Justin Vernon, really is such an amazing artist that you will either cry, or be stun or be amaze and just be lost with his music.

You can really feel all the words piercing through, you know?  The way they perform, even their looks onstage with The Staves and the rest of the band plus the saxophone, goosebumps! Damn! Really, amazing.  I mean, where am I? Am I at Woodstock circa 1969?


I remember hearing’Holocene’ and I was teary eyed too. The last time I felt like this was with toe‘s performance and that was 3 years ago.

Bon Iver, you left me wanting more…

But, I’m also excited to see Death Cab For Cutie. 😀  This is the first time I watched them perform and it felt like they didn’t age.  I mean,  the energy, their sound.  It’s so nostalgic. Ben Gibbard’s full of energy.  I don’t have a decent shot of him because he moves a lot.  I also liked the part that he took the audience’s phones and recorded himself while singing.  That was the coolest thing I’ve seen that night.


They started their set with ‘New Year’ from their fourth studio album Transatlanticism in 2003. Whoa!  I felt like I’m so old now. 😀



My phone ran out of battery and I was not able to record Cath… completely and I felt sad but anyways, I didn’t let it bother me much.  But, damn! I love that song…

I just enjoyed the night as usual.  Thankfully I was still able to completely record most of my favorite songs from  them.

I was so happy to see them live.  Definitely one of my favorite nights of 2016.


“this fire grows higher…” 

And again, I slept with a contented heart. <3

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