Varra: your newest rendezvous bar/restaurant in San Juan

San Juan City is a place well known for restaurants that serves delicious food with hefty servings. I recently been to this newly opened restaurant/bar in the area called Varra which stays true to this tradition.

Located at the third floor of this building in P. Guevarra St., you have to go at the back end to reach this one-month old tryst.


The place has a very laid back vibe.  With comfortable black couches where you can enjoy your food and drinks while spending time with friends and family.



Also, this place has a secret bars, too.  You can rent your own little space good for 20-30 people for a consumable amount as low as Php10,000.

this door to your secret bar…


Enjoy having cigar while sipping on your glasses of whiskey or what not.  This is indeed a place I would love to have my party hosted to.




Here are the food that we had:


Crispy Shrooms Oyster and Enoki Mushrooms Php130 – these babies were so good to munch.  It was flavored well with just the right amount of saltiness in it plus it was fried perfectly, too.


Spam Chips with Garlic Aioli Php210 – I’ve always loved the crispy corner of spam.  This is a dream come true.  With it being cut thinly and fried to crisp, Yum! I am guessing this is one of the most ordered dishes here in Varra. 


Messy Fries with Beef Cheese and Garlic Aioli Php230 – the beef were superb with everything in this basket.

Varra’s Nacho Overload Php350 – loaded with beef, fresh tomatoes, onions, olives, cheese and more.. I would say, one of the best Nachos in town. The beef was so tasty and it complimented well with the toppings.


Wings Basket Php230 (soy garlic/garlic parmesan) – perfectly golden brown wings tossed in soy garlic and parmesan.  This did not disappoint, too.


Soy Garlic Chicken Poppers and Coleslaw Php240 – if you wanted to have rice and chicken, perfect dish for you.  The chicken was again friend to crisp with cheese sauce drizzled on top. There’s egg, too which you can customize on how you want it done.


Beef Tapa and Salted Egg and Salsa Php240 – the tapa was tender and flavorsome. The saltiness and sweetness were pretty balanced.  I just find it a tad salty but vinegar can wash it away for you.

Sizzling Sisig Php240 – my favorite dish! You should never leave Varra without having a sizzling plate of these bad ass.

Varra’s Steak Salpicao Php380 – that’s tender piece of steak cooked medium rare.  Another superb dish to order.

Classic Carbonara with Poached Egg Php290 – the poached egg added creaminess to its sauce.  It tasted really good.


Chicken Pesto Marinara Php380 – i was a bit hesitant as I find it a bit sweet.  I was looking for some sourness in it. It actually had some but the sweetness took over. But nevertheless, my kid would love this.


Sunset Spritzer (Php130) – non alcoholic drink for me. Made from cranberry and citrus blend.


Here are some drinks you can order, too.



Overall, the ambiance, food and service were amazing. I am definitely recommending this place for your next eat up with friends and/or family.

Address: 333 P. Guevarra St.San Juan del Monte


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