Tongara Ramen – Tonkotsu and Torigara flavored broth Ramen

Located in Lamp Quarters, Marikina, Tongara Ramen is a Japanese restaurant which originated all the way from Shinjuku, Japan. They offer Tonkotsu (Pork Bone Broth) /Torigara (Chicken Bone Broth) flavored Ramen.


Master Makoto Okazaki shares his creation for the first time from Japan to here in Marikina and Cebu.


The place is just small.  The room can fit probably 15-20 persons but there’s an al fresco area. I’m pretty sure that you’d get to have a seat even if they’re packed.  No need to fret as the hip chairs outside will still fit to your liking.





As you know, I love Ramen and I am so excited to try this one as I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place. We were lucky to try almost all the flavored Ramen and other dishes, as well.




Chicken Karaage (Php200) – The soft batter deep fried to a crisp.  I just find the color lighter that the usual golden.  But the taste is definitely superb! Japanese sauce and lemon will give a little acidity to this protein.


Gyoza (Php200) – It was stuffed and has a flavorful meat inside.  Pan fried to give it a little crispiness in it.  This tasted really good and best paired with your choice of Ramen.


Ebi Mison Ramen (Php260) – My favorite! The shrimp added a seafood taste in the broth.  It was really scrumptious in every sip.



Tongara Ramen – with its original, rich, organic, and flavorful broth.


Shoyu Ramen (Php260 Junio Bowl) – this has a light feel and color but has a distinct flavor. Topped with Chasu, Negi, Menma, Moyashi and Ajitama.


Tantanmen – Rich broth with deep flavors of sesame and a bit of chill pepper heat. Topped with minced meat, preserved Japanese vegetables, Menma, Negi and Ajitama


Tsukumen (Php475) – Cold Ramen noodles  topped with Chashu, Menma, Negi Ajitama and dried Seaweeds served together with a  hot perfectly balanced dipping sauce



What I like about this restaurant is that they offer Junior bowls.  So go crazy with the flavors and order two or three with friends.  I highly recommend this if you’re into Ramen.  I swear, you won’t be disappointed with this.

Address: Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Santo Niño, Marikina City

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