The Breakfast Table: have breakfast anytime of the day

Was a bit disappointed as we’re not assisted by the waiters when we first came in.
We arrived right before the couple behind us but they were able to sit in first. We had to wait for about an hour to get in.   Anyways,  the ambiance is very homey.  There’s a lot of plants everywhere, unique lampshades and vases.  I like that it was well lit too.


these ladies don’t look hungry 😀

The food we had was just so so. The serving was small for me for its price. The Egg Benny was ok. Nothing much to brag about.

Eggs Benny (199php)

The Fritata was not that hot when served. Felt like it was cooked 5 hours ago.



Fritata (115php)

The Sweet French Toast was surprisingly good.



















I love my Hazelnut Coffee though.


Hazelnut Coffee (60php)


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