Sup? Chow – a Western take on Asian dishes

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A Western take on Asian dishes.  This is what Chef Francis Lim promises as he levels up our local ingredients and makes it not only sophisticated in taste but also in appearance.

This new restaurant located in Antel Building in Makati might be a little hard to see but I tell you that you should find your way to it on its second floor.  This will open up a door to Asian dishes with extraordinary twists. Ambiance itself is a mixture of Western and Asian vibe already, from wooden tables to steel chairs.  Pendant lights that burst warmth to the entire place.

To start the meal, I had Mango Sago (Php85). As one of the best sellers, it has fresh mangoes with chewy tapioca pearls. It really is refreshing.


There’s a lot of refreshments to choose from. Here’s a photo of their  Thai Milk Tea (Php95) and Grape Shake (Php120).

Thai Iced Tea

Mapo Tofu Wonton (Php250) –  crispy fried wonton with Mapo Pork, soft tofu, leek sauce and Chili threads
This is a perfect appetizer, indeed. It’s like Nachos but with an Asian twist. But if you’d ask me, I’d definitely go with this.

Char Siu Grilled Chicken (Php235) – Sesame rice, ramen egg, sambal bokchoi
I can stare at this chicken all day. The taste might be a bit familiar as you can tell it’s somewhat related to Korean Chicken.  The bokchoi and Ramen Egg intensify the Asian flavors in this bowl. 

Truffle Braised Beef (Php280) – stew rice, sauteed shrooms
Tender and sapid beef. Definitely one of the best here.  The slow-cooked chunks of beef in savory sauce comes with rice that was also stewed in braised-beef sauce. 

Braised Pork Belly (Php250) – Ramen egg, fried beancurd, stew rice 
This is sinfully good. Just look at that soft fat and tender meat.  

Viet Beef Stew (P280) – white rice, basil
This is the new addition to their Rice Bowls.  It has a peanut sauce with a bit of spiciness on its sauce. Perfect combo with Rice. 

Chow Suey (Php250) – mixed vegetables, shrooms, liver shavings and stew rice
If you’re feeling healthy, this is the best dish to order. All crunchy vegetables tossed on a pan and this is the result. A hearty dish to enjoy with a plate of stew rice. 

Beef Rendang Bang Bang Noodles (Php280) – homemade curry paste, curry leaves
Thick noodles were firm that holds the heavy sauce. It also has some spicy kick that will leave you wanting more.

Tan Tan Misua (Php250) – tan tan sauce, shrimp, roasted sesame
This comes as a revelation as for why we didn’t think of this before.  Imagine for the price, this is much better than other Ramen’s I’ve tasted. The sauce was so thick and flavorful. And the shrimps were added generously as well. This is something that I can have all day. 

Garlic Misua (Php220) – Misua, rich pork broth, garlic confit, leek oil, fried shallots
A subtle yet bursting with flavors type of Misua.  This is perfect for this rainy weather. 

Birthday Misua Spring Rolls – just look at that flower petals, isn’t that already appetizing? 

I highly recommend this place for people who’s working in Makati or near Makati. If you’re not in the area, try to drop by.  It is truly worth visiting and it won’t take long for the food to be served.  They promises to serve it in 10-15 minutes. They’re really affordable with high quality food. 

Address:  Unit 203, 2F, Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila 1209

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