Starlite Ferry – new route directly to Caticlan

If you know me well, you’d know that I am fond of being on the water and that I’m frequently on an island.  I love going to the beaches and swim in the water as it calms my soul.  One Island that is special to me would be Boracay.  This place is so memorable as this is the Island that I’ve been coming back to whenever I have a chance.  I’ve been here with my family, my friends, my husband and soon I want to bring my daughter here, too.  You know what they say,  it’s always different every time.

I was planning to visit Boracay with my family but heard the news that it’ll be closed down and will be undergoing some rehabilitation.  I was astonished yet happy that finally, my favorite Island will take some time off from people.

But just a week ago, Boracay opened its door once again and I can’t help but feel excited. I badly wanted to see how it turned out. I know Boracay is already beautiful but what more on its perfectly conditioned self.  With this, not only I, wanted to see this but all the beach goers.  Surely, airfare will be priced insanely high but you know there’s also another option to go here without the high priced airfare.

Starlite Ferry has been around for 30 years and now acquired by Chelsea Group of Companies.  It’s already been a year with this new management.  They implemented some changes during their acquisition including modernization of old ships where they phased out some old ferries.  In total, there’s 7 new vessels sailing and 7 others where they dry duck and restored in its good working condition.  Right now, there a total of 14 vessels sailing under Starlite Ferry.

They just launched a maiden voyage with direct trip from Batangas Port to Caticlan.  For as low as 1,000 pesos, you can get to Caticlan and see our beloved Boracay once again.  ‘Salve Regina’ as what’s it called, was built by Kegoya Dock Co. Ltd. from Hiroshima, Japan.  This brand new vessel was just finished July 2018.

Starlite Ferry initial daily voyage schedule:

Batangas to Caticlan – 6:00 PM
Caticlan to Batangas – 6:00 AM




This is their Pantry and where we mostly stayed during the trip.  It’s convenient as both tables and chair are placed permanently.  There’s television here, too for you to watch a movie.




We also got a chance to visit the captains’ work area during the tour.


Some amenities includes Shower Room.






I was really amazed to see Family Mart here inside Starlite Ferry.


We stayed at the Cabin for 4 for only 1,750 per head.  What I liked about it was that you have a port to charge your gadgets.


Tourist (Bed Bunks)





Your ticket comes with 1 full meal, too.  You may also grab a coffee and snack at Starbites.

Here are the list of rates for your reference:


Reclining Seats
  • Regular-Php1,000.00
  • Student-Php800.00
  • Senior-Php714.00
  • Minor (4-11)-Php500.00
Tourist (Bed Bunks)
  • Regular-Php1,250.00
  • Student-Php1,000.00
  • Senior-Php892.00
  • Minor(4-11)-Php625.00
Cabin for 3 (VIP) Room Rate (up to 3 pax /reclining seat rate for 4th person)-Php5,000.00
Cabin for 4 & 6 PAX
  • Regular-Php1,750.00
  • Student-Php1,360.00
  • Senior-Php1,214.00
  • Minor (4-11)-Php850.00
Cabin for 8 PAX
  • Regular-Php1,750.00
  • Student-Php1,360.00
  • Senior-Php1,214.00
  • Minor (4-11)-Php850.00

For more information, please call Starlite Ferries at +63 (043) 723 9965.
Check out the newly restored island of Boracay and what Malay, Aklan in store for you. Visit their website for more information on our routes and schedules.

As what Mr. Irwin Montano said, COO of Chelsea Group of Companies, “Starlite Ferry may not be as fast as the plane but it’s a different experience passing through Batangas and Caticlan.  There’s different islands that you can see, even dolphins will be travelling with you.” he quipped.


Also, you may now purchase your ticket from Batangas to Caticlan via Bay Travel and Tours.

Location: Kamuning Rd. Quezon City, Philippines 1103
Phone number: (02) 924 6270
Email: [email protected]


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