Rakuboss.ph: Filipino Freelance Marketplace

Are you trying to look for an online job for added income? Or are you a client looking for someone to do the work for you? Good news! rakuboss.ph is the perfect site. With tons of categories that will fit your skills – from Arts and Design, IT and Programming, Music and Narration, Writing and Translation, Business, Fun and Lifestyle, Travel, Divination, even Love and Relationship, you can find it all here. Registration is free for both freelancers and clients.

For Freelancers, you can create an account – make sure that you use your Selling profile, you can then post a sideline or find an ideal project and manage your earnings. For Clients, you can post a request, find freelancers and services, and manage requests and purchases, 

About Rakuboss.ph:

Rakuboss.ph is an online platform that aims to provide services to its clients and freelancers to achieve their personal goals. Currently, this platform is offering services for skilled and talented Filipinos with its clients also based in the country. Hopefully, international clients will post and look for services to offer for us Filipinos. 

As of now, I’m on my Maternity Leave for 105 days. This is an exact venue where I can earn on my pace. Here at rakuboss.ph, I could be my own boss. I can search and look for a job that will best fit my schedule without compromising my time for my babies. 

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