Polilya: one of Poblacion’s hippest bars in Poblacion

Here’s one of my favorite bars in Poblacion, Makati. They chose the name ‘Polilya’ as the owner wanted it to be in connection with the beer they launched called Engkanto.  They also wanted a name that is very pinoy too.


The facade looks really inviting with the neon lights revealing the name. As you walk in, you can feel a homey vibe already with cozy sofas, warm lights and even the music was just pure relaxing. The vibe is perfect for after office hours.  As what the owner Ian Paradies said, he wanted it to be as comfortable as your neighbors’ home.



It also good to know that all the furniture were bought locally. From the tables to chairs to cutlery.



Did you know that most of their food were infused with alcohol? That’s because they wanted to make sure that their Beers are the main attraction here. Make sure to check the menu, if there’s an icon with 💀 logo on it, that’s infused with their local beers.


Gambas Engkantadas (Php 440) –  These Gambas al ajillo were cooked with Lager Beer to kill the fishy taste and it was so delicious. The bitterness of the beer and the sweetness of the prawns were such interesting flavors all bursting in your mouth. Served with Baguette too.


Grilled Cheese – probably one of the best Grilled Cheese I’ve tasted. This is not yet on the menu but you can already ask them. What made this special was the tomato jam served on the side. It was just so good together. Yes, you can ask for a refill.


Zen Chicken Nuggets (Php 250) – hainanese chicken crisps with three sauces: chili, ginger-scallion and kecap manis.


Fried Pickles (Php 125) – These poppers are really spicy so make sure that you’re already holding a glass of beer. The cilantro-tahini sauce will make the spiciness a bit mild. This was cooked with Pale Ale, by the way.


Ultimate Nachos (Php 275) – there’s a lot of ingredients in this pan. The corn tortilla chips with cheese sauce, meat sauce, sour cream, grated-cheddar, pico de gallo salsa, red beans, avocado, japaleno rings, strips of tapa.


Bangla Mussels (Php 320) – steamed mussels in a beer, mustard oil, and coconut milk broth. This was tasty and blended well with the curry sauce. As per the owner, anything curry is the Chef’s specialty. I definitely am digging this dish. Served with their home made roti.


Gangnam Style Chicken Wings (Php 210) – Deep fried chicken wings, coated in zingy Gochujang glaze. Tender on the inside and crispy outside. This is how chicken wings should be done.


Pinoy Caprese (Php 215) – Smoked kesong puti, tapa, fresh basil and tomatoes with bagoong-balsamic. For the healthy ones.

Also, there’s desserts available as well.

Grown-Up Chocolate Mousse (PHP 175) – the soft Davao single-origin three-chocolate mousse was heavenly. This has some Engkanto stout with some freshly-ground black pepper sprinkled with Himalayan salt.


Deep-Fried Apple Pie A La Mode (PHP 150) – Cinnamon-kissed apple pocket pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yes! A McDonald’s kind of pie it is but much better.





They sampled us with their Engkanto beers. If you wanna try all the flavors, they offer Four O’Clock Flight, that’s 4 flavored beers of your choice.



Engkanto Beers

For the Engkanto Beers, we tried the Lager which was their most famous beer. This has a citrus flavor and lime zest. Pale Ale has a sweet character, IPA has a darker color with intense piney citrus flavor. Double IPA has a blend of citrus and passion-fruit notes. This ones a bit strong and perfect for boys. Blond Ale was light and crisp. This ones bursting with citrus notes. Perfect for girls whose not really into beers.

For me, I had Woodland Gin and Tonic and it was ridiculously amazing! It has hendrick’s gin, fever tree tonic, woodland bitters, rose water, cucumber, ribbon, sage.



There’s some Weekly Slushie available as well. This includes our local fruit that was served frozen.


And there’s a lot more to choose from.


So, if you haven’t visited them yet, I suggest that you plan it already to experience great beers and great food too. As of this writing, they’re still my top favorite bar in Poblacion. 🙂


Have you? 😉

Address: 5658 Don Pedro St., Makati City

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