Be safe and secure with Personal Accident Insurance

I am into travelling. I love seeing places that are less explored and doing extreme nature activities, as well. With travelling, of course, there comes food.  I like to try exotic food when travelling because I wanted to be one of the people and live their lives just the same. At times, I hold back when there’s an activity that I wanted to try but something would tell me what if there would be an accident? I don’t want to add hassle on my trip. Perfect example would be kayaking, or sky diving or eating some exotic food and I get food poisoned and be sick? I really wanted to try all that but, is it safe?


No matter how safe we try to be, it is unfortunate that we still get to experience some accident, even a minor one. We tend to neglect having Personal Accident Insurance but this is what we can rely on when such circumstances happen.  This is what we should invest on to be prepared when such things happened.

Imagine, you can now enjoy life and worry less if such accident occur. It’s amazing to know you have something you can depend on and be secure.

Malayan offers different types of Personal Accident Insurance such as Travel Master Insurance, which is perfect for people who loves to travel. This will protect you from accidents, sickness, and other travel related problems.  Even loss of baggage will be covered. There’s Rajah Personal Accident InsuranceFamily Plan, VIP Personal Accident Fatality, Auto PA and Travel Insurance Policy (TIP).  You can check-out each Personal Insurances and find which one deem fits.

On the last note, as much as we don’t want to use this, we still need to think about it.  It is practical specially if you are a bread winning, just like me.  This would be beneficial not only to you, but your family as well.

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