Perry’s – a new Tea-Ta place in McKinley

Perry’s Tea Bar & Bakehouse is a Tea room and Restaurant that offers Artisanal loose leaf tea selections, freshly baked bread, and all day meals.



They just opened a few months back and every detail on this restaurant is still fresh and new.  The marbled tables and the elegant wooden chair was so artsy, cozy and modern. I can stay here all day.  Every corner is Instagram-able, too. This is indeed a great place to have spend your holiday parties, Tea-ta style.



A little introduction, Perry was the owner’s traveling pug. They all love to travel and it becomes their overall inspiration.  Diners can expect the restaurant’s menu to be filled with a selection of dishes that its owners have tried and enjoyed during their own travels and now, wants to share with local diners.




These creative gift boxes that are filled with some special tea that they sourced from different parts of the world. There’s also some jam and breads as well.  This is such perfect gift for people who loves tea a lot.



They specializes in tea, but if you’re into coffee, just like me, they also have lots of choices in coffee.  This Flat White was creamy, strong and so so delicious.


This coming holiday, there’s a lot of places to do your meet ups and get together, but what sets Perry’s apart form the others would be their appreciation on tea and its slow process. It teaches their customers to take some time.  With its vibe, it is indeed such a relaxing place.


They just launched their Brunch selection that will be perfect pair for your tea, coffee or even Rosé.


Patatas Bravas (Php320) – Classic Spanish deep fried potato dish, served with house-made longanisa and bacon aioli
These potatoes were indeed crispy and tasty!  The longanisa gave it a little savory taste to this dish.


Baked Cheese Shoe Bowl (Php195) – A cross between sandwich and a soup bowl. Baked cheese sandwich served in a sourdough shoe-bowl with tomato soup


The bread was soft on the inside but crisp on the outside.  It was cheesy, too.  Just make sure to consume the soup as it tends to be absorbed by the bread.


Scrambowl (Php215) – Scrambled egg fritata served in bread bowl


Breakfast Sausage Roll  (Php260) – house-made sausage balls served in pretzel buns 


It was not your usual scrambled egg as you see it but all the ingredients are the same.  There’s onions, tomatoes, and some sausage bits.  I enjoyed this along with its bread.


Braised Pork Hash (Php330) – 48 hour braised pork belly, served with crisp potato topped with fried egg
The meat was fork-tender and the sauce was flavorful. 


There’s also some tea brewing 101 that occurred.  I’ve learned that when it comes to tea, the water should really be on 100 degrees Fahrenheit, to ensure that the flavors would come out.


They focused on tea as the owners would like to promote a better appreciation and understanding of tea time.


Chocolate Chip




This Turkish tea really looked lovely

Also, they launched its Amuse-Bouche selection (Php750).  These are single-bite Hors d’oeuvre that are usually served for cocktails.  There’s choice of 2 drinks on the menu.


Granola Rounds



Breakfast Sausage


Espresso Truffle, Banana Truffle


Egg and Caviar Blini, Cucumber Blini



Overall, the food that we tried were really good and surprisingly, wasn’t as expensive as what I thought. This place sure made me appreciate tea all the more.  So if you’re looking for a new place to hang out, I suggest you visit Perry’s the soonest.  I assure you that you and your friends and family will love this place as much as I love it!

Address: Ground Floor, One West Campus, Mc West Boulevard, Mc Kinley West, Taguig City


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