nice two Meat u: Korean Restaurant with premium wet aged meat

nice two Meat u is another Korean themed restaurant located on the second floor of Circuit, Makati. Its spot has a perfect view of the Globe Circuit Event Grounds. It definitely is a perfect venue to bond over Korean food with family and friends.


The place is spacious with lots of Korean items to see, this is a sure hit to those who love Korean culture. Even the music is all Korean too to make you feel the vibe.


There’s an alfresco setting as well which also is a nice place at night. With all the neon signs, it is truly an Instagram worthy restaurant.


I love its industrial look with metal stool and wooden tables. It is indeed very homey.  Even the trees on the side have additional appeal.


So drink good beers, ok? 🙂


For the food, they sure have a lot to offer. They have wet-aged meat on which the meat was placed in a plastic container along with some natural herb then packed and vacuumed to keep it moist and tender. They also use 100% Cast iron grill to ensure that the meat was cooked perfectly.  I like that the servers make sure that the temperature is appropriate when they put on the meat to the grill.




There’s a BBQ Set for as low as Php 998 good for 2 people and 1,788 good for 3 – 4 people (Pork).  Then there’s Php 1,388 for 2 people and Php 2,588 for 3-4 people (Beef). If you wanted to have more food on your table, make sure to get the higher price.

Here’s the type of meat you can order:

  • Galbisal (USDA Beef Short Ribs)
  • Tohsisal (USDA Beef Hanging Tender)
  • Chadolbagi (USDA Beef Brisket Deckle)
  • Samgyupsal (Pork Belly)





Wrap Me (Ssam) (Php 135) – Don’t forget to wrap your meat with these veggies.



Here’s what you can try aside from the barbecue:

Squid Fries (Php 399) – Squid were cut and dipped in batter then fried ’til crisp. It was cooked to tender. Make sure to consume it while it’s still hot.


Veggie Fries (Php 399) – With different types of veggies like tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes and Kangkong. This was fried with its tasty batter. I enjoyed dipping these on their soy sauce.



Salmon Salad (Php 445) – This looked like a Japanese dish but for those who wouldn’t want to eat meat, then this is a perfect one to munch on. That soft pink salmon were in bed of radish. There also some lettuce and carrots on the side too.


Cheese Gimbap (Php 180) – This cheese rice roll is perfect as it is. Aside from cheese, there’s also some cucumber, carrots, mango, ham etc. All the flavors just burst in your mouth.



Japchae (Php 345) – I love that the Glass noodle was firm. There are beef and vegetables in it as well. This is one of the best Japchae I’ve had.


Steam Fry Bibim Rice (Php 335) – This bowl is good for 2 but really, can be for 3. It has a lot of toppings like beef, carrots, seaweed, cucumber, etc. This can surely make you feel full already. This rice is really delicious! Look at that crab meat.


Make sure to mix it well.


Chicken Karaage (Php 220) – The chicken were marinated well and were fried to golden brown. I love munching on these as it was really soft and juicy on the inside.


Fishcake Hotpot (Php 445) – There are Korean fishcake, vegetables in mushroom soup. This is better to have after consuming lots of Soju.


End your meal with some fruit ades from Korea. I tried the Kiwi and it was so refreshing.



That big glass is for Php 159 only.

I was really full after dining here and was quite happy as this is only one ride from the office. This is actually my second time dining and this will definitely not going to be the last. I strongly suggest to try them out as they have one of the best Korean BBQ in town.

Address: Second Floor, Circuit Ayalamall Makati, Carmona, Makati City

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