Motto Motto: now has brunch menu all day everyday

If you’re into Japanese food, Motto Motto is the right place to get your cravings fixed. And if you love breakfast, as I do, they now have All Day Breakfast available any time of the day. Now, there’s no excuse for missing breakfast! 


Motto Motto means “more more” in Japanese and with its extensive menu, you will be adding more to your orders.


The Japanese vibe of this restaurant is precise. With the presence of Japanese characters known to us such as Picachu, it’s Japanese vibe is perfectly stylish and modern.  I love the colors of light pink and red here and there with some cherry blossom above your head, it surely is so chic and classy.





For its breakfast menu, I started it with some Tiramisu Iced Coffee Jelly.  That coffee jelly were so good!



The design of this Coffee Latte is so adorable. Making it hard for you to take a sip.


Horse Mackarel (Php295) – Boneless Mackerel Daing served with Aonori Scrambled Eggs, Garlic Rice, and Japanese Pickles



Morning Ham and Eggs (Php375) – This include toast, crispy bacon, ham, eggs, and salad as a side dish. If you want something light, I suggest you opt for this as this does not have rice but goodluck on the meat, though. 😀



Chicken Tocino (Php295) – Sesame Chicken Tocino served with Aonori Scrambled Eggs and Japanese Pickles
The chicken was marinated in a sweet-savory sauce.  The sesame seeds added some flavors as well. I am not used to having a chicken in a Tocino and I find the meat too tender.


Beef Tapa (Php295) – Served with Aonori Scrambled Eggs, Garlic Rice and Japanese Pickles
The thinly sliced beef was tender and sweet. I liked that there’s some fat in it, too.


I must say that the Aonori Scrambled Eggs were cooked perfectly. It has some creaminess in it. The Aonori or dried seaweed has a distinct Japanese flavor in it.


Super Salmon Party Platter – Now, this is one heavy and loaded meal. There’s deep-fried Salmon, Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce, Salmon Sushi, Miso Soup, Salmon Sashimi with fruits and vegetables on the side.




Spicy Mayo Tori Teriyaki – I find this dish just a bit spicy.  I was still able to enjoy its cheesy and savory flavor.


Cheese and Curry Burger Steak (Php395) – The curry sauce is just mild which I liked.  The beef were tender and moist, too.

I’ve been meaning to try their Japanese Souffle Pancake and I was just so happy I did. We tried two flavors:


Bananas and Chocolate (Php295) – caramelized bananas and chocolate syrup



Orange Crème Brulee (P295) – That torched sugar and custard cream.


I must say that these were the fluffiest Pancakes I’ve tried and it was way too good!


I am so glad I was finally able to dine here at Motto Motto.  If you’re in the area and crave for some Japanese food, might as well visit them and you will definitely love it, just like I did.

Address: Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



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