Mommy’s Day Out: A coffee run by Miss Joy Felizardo and Pampers Diapers

As a mom, it is meditating to have some “me” time. It is a must and should be done at least thrice a week – If I’m not being exaggerated, but you get what I mean, right? What I’m saying is that there should be a time to at least speak with a fellow mom who knows what to say may it be regarding  breastfeeding, bento making, fashion, entertainment or what have you.


That’s why I was extremely happy when Mommy Joy sent me an invitation to a coffee run that was held months ago at Wildflour Cafe.  There, I got to know fellow blogger moms who shared their experiences with blogging, juggling work and nursing kids and more…


with Mommy Joy Felizardo



Thanks to Pampers who sponsored this event as well. We all went home happy with gifts to our kids. 😀


I got to be honest, Pampers is not the brand that we use, but when I tried it, it was not so bad.  It was indeed less lawlaw and I did not change frequently like the way I did to my previous one. Just look at my little one sleeping soundly.


Thanks, Mommy Joy and Pampers! 

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