Malayan’s Insurance Travel Master Package and why it is beneficial for travelers

The pandemic has been giving us a lot of challenges. It has brought us nothing but struggle on how to survive in our daily lives. But now, some of us are needed to travel for business or for non organizational work. Good thing vaccine has been approved and will be distributed soon in the country.

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. To be healthy and safe. And for us travelers, know that there is an insurance that we can avail before planning on our next trip – may it be locally or abroad. By now, I know how itchy your feet is trying to create an itinerary and planning on your next trip. You can now enjoy exploring another country or a city hassle-free. Just make sure to follow the protocol to of the places that you will go to.


Malayan’s Travel Master is the most comprehensive travel insurance coverage to ensure maximum protection in your travels anytime and anywhere.

Here are the reasons why it is important to get Malayan Insurance’s Travel Master.

Personal Accident – Protection from accidents when you travel. Travel Master provides compensation for accidental death, dismemberment, or disablement as well as accidental burial benefit.

Emergency Medical Treatment – To avoid expensive expenses when you had an accident abroad, Travel Master provides international travel health insurance for the emergency medical treatment you might need. This can cover follow-up care and daily incidental expenses involved in hospital confinement.

Personal Liability – Travel Master can cover the risks of damaging someone else’s property or having to hurt someone accidentally.

Recovery of Travel Expenses – If in the event that your trip got cut sooner than expected, There’s an Emergency Trip Termination feature which will be reimbursed to you. The unused portion that have been paid in advance if it has been cancelled within 30 days before the scheduled departure. In case the termination or cancellation of the trip was because of death. threatening sickness or injury of the insured, or from a member of the immediate family requiring immediate medial attention.

Travel Inconvenience Benefits – Offers benefit for loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, baggage display, loss of cash, damage to laptop and flight delay as a result of severe weather, mechanical trouble, strikes, and even skyjacking, Malayan’s Travel Master got you covered.

Travel Assistance Benefits – With a simple call to Assist America (hotline: +632-811-2521), you will be connected to an extensive global network of medical providers, operation centers, and air and ground ambulance service providers.

There are also some value added features such as free insurance coverage for damage to rented cars, as well as medical treatment and assistance services for accidents resulting from sports activities. This covers travel on ships, trains, and cars.

I know I’m going to be back to travelling sooner or later and I am planning on getting an insurance to make sure I am well protected and covered. I know that travel insurance is not quite popular here in the Philippines, but now more than ever, we must think of how we can protect ourselves with the possibility of all the aforementioned. Have a worry-free travel. Get a Malayan Travel Master’s Insurance on your next travel.

Purchase Malayan Insurance Travel Master here.

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