Lorenzo’s Way – a tribute to Mr. Larry J. Cruz

Larry Jay Cruz was a journalist, a publisher and a restaurateur. Just like us, he loved food and the feeling of happiness it brings when sharing it with loved ones.  Lorenzo’s Way is actually a tribute to him being the man behind the finest restaurants in the country for over quarter of a century.

This is my first time to try Lorenzo’s Way.  I was impressed with the coziness of the place. Colors of Orange, Brown and White dominated the room.  The wooden walls and furniture made it look more vintage yet modern.

They serve mostly Spanish and Filipino cuisines. Here’s the list of what we tried:

Kesong Puti Caprese (Php275) – Soft Laguna Cheese with tomatoes and fresh basil pesto. This was first served in Prego, an Italian restaurant created by Larry Cruz in the ’80s.

The basil pesto and Laguna cheese was such a perfect combo. Along with its vegetables, this surely is refreshing to have as an appetizer.

Caesar Salad (Php295)Romaine Lettuce serve with thick anchovy dressing, bacon and croutons

This would be the perfect salad for me. I love Romaine Lettuce as much as Bacon. The anchovy dressing was perfect on this, too. It has the right amount of saltiness.

Paella Valenciana (Php650) Seafood and meat done the classic Spanish way; a popular dish from Mil Novicientos (1900), an LJC brand that served Spanish-themed dishes.

It was perfectly cooked. The meat, the seafood, even the rice. There’s generous amount of seafood here, too. The tomato base was so flavorful.


Inihaw na Sugpo (Php675) – Grilled prawns served with pickled green papaya

My favorite! The simpleness of this dish was what made it more appetizing. I love the texture of the meat and the crispiness of the green papaya.

Costillas de Ternera Guisada (Php750 for sharing) – Tender braised beef short ribs in wine sauce with vegetables and olives

They say it’s a must try when you dine here in Lorenzo’s Way and I absolutely agree.  The sauce was thick and the Beef was tender. One of the best Beef Stew I’ve tasted. I like that Olives added a bit of a sourness to this which makes you eat more.

Spanish Garlic Chicken (Php395)Boned Chicken baked with garlic cloves and olive oil

That’s 40 cloves of garlic. Even the smell was enticing already. If you’ll ask me, I do not eat garlic the way this was cooked but I was able to eat more of this along with the chicken. It was really really good. The meat absorbed all that garlic flavor.

Adobong Pusit ng Saging at Gambas (Php295)fresh banana heart stewed in vinegar and soy with shrimps and topped with chicharones

Black Pata (Php850 for sharing)Whole pork leg in soy sauce, cinnamon, sugar, Chinese spices

Fall-of-the-bone it is. This is actually how my mom cook her Pata Tim. The star anise and cinnamon made it smell and taste so good. I love the sauce so much that I can’t help but dip the Mantao bread in it.

Pancit Sotanghon sa Baby Pusit (Php345)Mung bean noodles sauteed with fresh baby squid in its ink

I love the Baby Squid in here so much. The noodles were firm and the squid was cooked the right rubbery-way. It might look simple, but the flavor was intense.

Gigil Tart (Php199)coconut meat and salted egg in a custard tartelette, drizzled with jaggery syrup

Baklava (Php275)Mediterrean-style sweet filo pastry filled with walnuts and pistachios served with vanilla ice cream

Love this to bits. The flakiness of the Filo pastry and the walnuts bits were really addicting. No wonder this was Larry J. Cruz’ favorite. Vanilla Ice Cream was perfect partner to this, too.

Mango and Almond (Php245)  Italian custard with sliced mangoes and honey syrup

The custard was milky and soft. Love the fresh mango as well.  Just the presentation of this was already pleasing. The taste was really heavenly.

“Style” and “Taste” are two words that best describe Mr. Larry J. Cruz and that’s what I’ve experienced after dining in Lorenzo’s Way. I truly appreciate all the dishes that we tried. It was plated with elegance and the taste was truly mesmerizing.

This is one place I would go back to over again.

Address: Level 1, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City

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