Lime and Basil – one of Tagaytay’s authentic Thai Restaurants

I am lucky as we live close to Tagaytay.  It’s a place where our family would go to and have a relaxing getaway or simply spend time doing what we love, to eat! It’s a nice location for children as they can freely run around with fresh air and is close to nature, too.  Tagaytay now has lots of restaurants that offer a different kind of cuisines.  An example would be Lime and Basil.


It’s a Thai Restaurant that stays true to its traditional cuisine that will surely satiate your Asian cravings. Thai food is known to be diverse. There’s spicy, a little bit of sweetness, and then its sour, maybe salty etc. There might be a lot of flavors going on there but one thing’s for sure, it tastes amazing!


There’s a lot of distinctive Thai displays in the area such as Elephants, Buddha, colorful cloths, bags and a lot more.  This place also sells some home furniture, too.  I really like the rustic vibe of the place as matches the location.


Lime and Basil is located at in J. Rizal Street, Sikat, Tagaytay.  This is another location that caters to any occasions.  There’s a large area in the garden where some picnic tables and chairs can be placed.


When I say it is close to nature, I mean it.  There’s lot’s of trees and plants everywhere.  It would be best to bring in a mosquito repellent to protect your little ones.  But during our visit, there was none.



Insite is a bit small. It can probably fit up to 50 – 60 persons.




We were able to sample delicious dishes from them such as:

Fresh Spring Rolls (Php270) – It looked so pretty to eat.  It has some rolled herb, carrots, cabbage, tofu, noodles, and some sweet chili relish. This wasn’t that spicy, so you do not have to worry much, if your tolerance on spicy food it low.


Tom Yum Goong (Php410) – Hot and Sour soup with shrimps. It tasted really spicy but the heat is still tolerable.


Lime and Basil Salad (Php340) – This salad has a soft boiled egg, basil, lettuce, peanut, shallots, drizzled with some tamarind dressing. It was indeed refreshing!



Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashews (Php380) – The chicken and cashews were tossed a soy sauce that gave it a salty flavor.


Kaeng Deng Kha Moo (Php770) – The crispy pata was fried to perfection.  It was then sauteed in a red curry sauce that gave a bit of spicy taste.  This is really good.




Kao Pad Saparod (Php360) – The fried rice was placed in a pineapple.  What a lovely presentation it is.  Not only the presentation, but the taste as well.  It tasted a bit sweet because of the pineapples.  On the other hand, the shrimp paste and pork floss gave saltiness in it, too.






Pad Thai (Php350) – If you’re one of my closest friend, you would know that I can eat this for a whole year.  Pad Thai is one of the food that I can eat everyday.  Their Pad Thai was so good.  Not just good, it was AMAZING!  There’s a crispy white egg on top of the firm noodles. It was savory, a little bit spicy.  There’s generous amount of chicken, nuts and shrimps.




Kao Neiw Mamaung (Php220) – I really love this dessert from Thailand.  This sticky rice has the right amount of sweetness.  If you wanted it to have more sweetness, pour a little more of a condensed milk in it.   The Mango was so good, too.



Thai Iced Milk Tea (Php110) – it has the right amount of tea.  It was sweet yet it has a bit of a bitterness that comes from the tea.   Make the ice melt if you wanted it to tame down a bit.


I must say that Lime and Basil was able to capture what I love about Thai food.  It has all the flavors that I wanted.  I was really impressed with all the food, the service and the ambiance that they offer.  If you haven’t been in here, plan your next visit as I can guarantee that it’s going to be something that you’ll remember.



Address: 9014 J. Rizal Street, Sikat, Tagaytay City 4123









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