Lido Cocina Tsina: 84 years and counting in satisfying Chinese food cravings

I love Chinese food and it’s one cuisine that I always crave for. I mean, if we have a celebration, Lumpia would always be there. No wonder that some Chinese restaurants here in the country stay for so long because of how we embrace their food.  Lido Cocina Tsina is one restaurants that’s been standing strong for 84 long years.


This branch in Shaw, Mandaluyong exudes comforting vibe with its red couches paired with classic wooden tables.



If you would imagine this restaurants 80 years ago, this would look totally different.  They started their very first branch in Binondo, selling Chinese food. Chef Lido started experimenting with Chinese pork roast recipe, cooking it under “pugon oven” and the birth of  Pugon Roasted Asado started that made their clients go back.



It’s a must that you order their famous Pugon Roasted Asado (1/4 kilo Php340)


Finely sliced Pork loin, marinated in special sauce then cooked to a Pugon for that smoky flavor.  That’s one succulent dish. Every bite is just perfect. The savory and sweetness were measured on point. I agree that it’s well paired with their Pandesal but a rice would be great, too. I could have this anytime of the day.



Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetable (Php255) – crispy, fresh vegetables tossed in its sauce tasted so good. It was crispy then soft, truly delectable.


Spare Ribs in Salt & Pepper (Php285) – this dish would be on my top list.  The tender ribs and the saltiness of its flavor were so addicting.  I could finish this in one go.


It’s salty and spicy but you can still fully enjoy it.


Lumpiang Shanghai (Php255) – This is definitely one superb Lumpia.  The ground pork along with some vegetables has a unique flavor only Lido Cocina Tsina has.  A comfort food that you will never resist.





Squid in Chili and Taosi Sauce (Php345) – I enjoyed the soft and gummy texture of the squid.  I just find it too saucy and peppery.


Manchurian Wings (Php315) – chicken wings with gingery, garlicky flavor.


Shrimp Foo Yong (Php395) – saucy, egg-y, with chewy shrimp in it.  This is another dish you can pair with its Pandesal. This would be my favorite dish here as it has all the right flavor that hit my palate.


Meaty rice perfect pair with all the viands that they offer.


For dessert, their Buchi is yet another one that is unique. It was sticky and sweet and its bean filling is so good.


Do not leave Lido Cocina Tsina without having their coffee.  That’s special Lido blend that’s been around ever since. It was strong yet creamy and will wake you up if you’re all in food coma.

Address: Shaw Plaza One Building, 561 Shaw Boulevard, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

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