Lazy Bastard

My friends and I decided to try this place for some snack.  We thought it’s hard to find but not really.  Once you see this sign in Jupiter St. cor Galaxy, it’s a spot on. It’s in a basement actually.

Lazy Bastard is a pretty small place but it looks nice and ambiance is really good. Very New York style vibe.

Yes, they are.

For our food, we had some Hamburgers (160), Sloppy Joe (150) and I had myself some Bacon Cheeseburger (220).  I love Bacon a lot so, I really have to try it.  For the sides though, I like their Onion Rings but the Fries was a bit burnt and I was not very happy about that.  But we finished it though. 😀


Hamburger (160php)


For additional 90 pesos, you can make it a combo by choosing either a Fries, Onion Rings or Tater Tots and a Drink.

Onion Rings


Bacon Cheeseburger (220)


I want to go back and try other food they offer.  I’m very curious about that Tater Bombs.

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