La Union: exploring the beauty of the model province

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It was my first time in La Union and I’m all giddy as to where to eat and explore. We do not have any itinerary. We all just wanted to have a fun weekend. We only stayed for a day. Make that 2 days and 1 night. I strongly suggest booking your ticket at Partas ahead of time. Do not be like us. We’re all like “don’t worry, it’s not a long weekend.” 🙂

So we’re all off to Pasay and waited for the departure at midnight. Yes, you can still book your tickets here, just make sure you’ll be there as early as 8PM. The rate is at Php 541 per head. Travel time took about 4-5 hours.

Reservation: Flotsam and Jetsam
Address: 12500 MacArthur Highway, San Juan, La Union
Rate: 780 Kubo (with own electric socket, lamp and fan)

This hostel in La Union is always almost sold out every weekend. Good thing we were still able to book a fan room. I know it’s super hot because of the weather but the air-conditioned rooms were all sold-out. So, if you can still see an air-conditioned room online, book it immediately.

We arrived at 6:00AM and check-in time is at 2PM. Good thing that they’ll let you leave your things so we’re able to roam around.  We needed coffee so we headed to El Union Coffee first.  Yes, but first, coffee! It is located in The Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop & Viewing Deck. Just a tricycle away from the hostel.

And I didn’t know that almost all the restaurants I wanna try in this town are located here, too. The foodie inside me is so excited.

Loving the relaxing vibe of this place. Open area, sit where ever is available. We preferred to sit by the beach and it was such a beautiful morning.

The Buttermilk Pancakes were a delight. It was fluffy but it has that thickness in it too.  You will definitely be full after eating this whole plate.  For us, we shared this by three as we’re all wanting to eat lunch already.  The Cappuccino perfectly washed out all the sweetness it has and the bitter taste balances the flavors. It was such a perfect combo.

After having a cup of coffee, it was still a bit early to return to the hostel.  Not yet time to check-in. We walked around the beach and decided to have lunch.

We went to Surf Shack but they will open at 6PM. No food is available yet. We just had some photos taken.

Just beside Surf Shack is the Coffee Library.

My friend ordered this Longganisa. It has that garlicky taste which is what I want as I am not fond of sweet Longganisa. The vinegar from Ilocos is perfect with it.

This Chicken Teriyaki was delicious. The sauce really did a great job here. It was flavorful and tender too.

Smoky Tinapa Pasta tasted really good. Al dente pasta with smoked-flavor of Tinapa truly added more distinct to it. There’s also some baby tomatoes and bread.

, k

Back at the hotel to freshen up and to sleep a bit.

We spent the afternoon walking around the beach. As much as we wanted to swim, we failed. The current is just too strong. So we just continued walking and eating and then this magnificent sunset welcomed us.

We also had a few drinks at Flotsam and Jetsam bar before capping the night.

Oh, yes! We’re so Titas we didn’t party though we really wanted to, we’re all too tired. Probably next time. 😀

The morning after, breakfast!

There’s complimentary breakfast available at Flotsam and Jetsam. We made sure to be early as we badly wanted to swim. We decided to visit Tangadan Falls so we can finally swim comfortably.  We needed to eat a lot since it’s going to be an hour walk before you reach the falls.  Good thing Flotsam and Jetsam has enough food to keep up full. There’s fresh fruits, eggs, vegetables, cereals and bread with different kinds of spreads.

Going to Tangadan Falls required an hour of walking so don’t forget to bring water, face towel, and snacks just in case you get hungry.,

We paid 1,000 in a tricycle to get us to Tangadan Falls. There’s an alternative and much cheaper way but we did not take that route as we needed to get back early to check-out at the hostel. And we needed to eat lunch too.

Since it’s our last day, we ate our hearts out. Here’s what we tried:

Tagpuan’s Beef Pares and Chicken Wings

Love the tender beef and its sweet-style sauce.

The Chicken wings tasted ordinary.

Some Halo-Halo at Surf Treat as well.  This bowl is good for 2 persons. Love all the fresh fruits in it and some cereals on top too. Perfect way to beat the summer heat.

And we tried the Mad Monkey’s SOS’ burger. Thick juicy and tender patty with some onion rings on top. Drizzled with super generous amount of cheese sauce.

We went back to The Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop & Viewing Deck to try other restaurants there too.

Probably the best I had here.  This Smoked Bacon Char Kway Teow totally is a star. The savory flavor, firm noodles and chunks of Bacon topped with greens and beans sprout.  It’s like Pad Thai but totally different. It’s just the best.

And some fresh fruits from Makai Bowls. We had this Beach Break which has Bananas, Mango, Chia Seeds and

Great Gamble Seafood Shack’s Quarter Pound Crab and Quarter Pound Scallops.

Scallops were so fresh. Crab meat tasted heavenly. This is something you gotta try as well. The coleslaw on the side was made fresh as well.

El Union’s famous S’mores. We finally got to try this and we’re so grateful we didn’t miss this. The melted chocolate at the bottom and the chewy mallows on top were amazing.

It was nice to be in La Union. Will definitely go surfing next time.


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