King Chef in Lucky Chinatown: Nothing but love for this Chinese Restaurant

It was my first time to try King Chef inside Lucky Chinatown and I was impressed by how big it is.  They have function rooms if you intend to make your dinner or lunch private.




Staff were accommodating all throughout even though they’re a bit busy because of a lot of people who dined in.  When it comes to food, I highly recommend you try them if you haven’t.  It became of one my favorite Chinese Restaurant instantly.

Here’s what we tried during the visit:



  • King’s Special Crab Roe Soup (900php) – This bowl of goodness is good for 10 people.  This soup is a meal itself for its thick sauce has a generous amount of crab meat, roe bit, vegetables and quail egg.


  •  Spareribs with 8 Spices (900php) – Such flavor in every bite.  This was boneless so you definitely get the most of it.  This definitely made it to one of my top dishes here at King Chef.



  • Crispy Lapu Lapu in Pomelo Sauce – This is a must try.  You should order this immediately.  Deep fried Lapu-Lapu was crisp but still juicy inside.  Pomelo Sauce has a right combination of sweetness and sourness combined making it more interesting in every bite.  Such a memorable dish for me.



  • Pineapple Fried Rice (480php) – Thankfully, this rice does not have that too much Pineapple fruit in it.  It does not taste sweet at all.  It was a pretty presentation of the rice that I was able to enjoy. Just perfect for the viand that we had.




  • Steamed Gourd with Seafood (760php) – Gourd has a mixture of squid, scallops, shrimps and vermicelli.  IMG_6834.JPG
  • Shrimp Salad Cups – The way it was presented was totally impressive.  Fresh shrimp was atop the vegetables thaw was wrapped in rice paper roll.  The sauce was a bit spicy.


  • Drunken Suahe – We’re able to witness how they cook the huge shrimp in Chinese wine.  First, they pour the wine onto the pan with the fresh shrimps and shake it until they die.  Then, they pour another wine and flame it. I’m not sure if I enjoyed watching it because I pity how they struggle to survive but one thing I know is that I definitely love the taste of it.  I just thought it had too much wine for I was able to feel the alcohol kick in.





We also get to try the Classic which tasted so good as well.

IMG_6915.JPGFor dessert, we got to try the very impressive 3D Gelatin and it looked amazingly good.  The thing is you can have it personalized and have your name written on it too.



Also, Salted Egg Buchi is to die for.  I’m not so totally impressed by the Salted Egg but by the custard inside it.  It does not have that salty taste.  It tasted good because it was all the way sweet.




Address: Second Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila

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