In the Oven: freshly baked cakes, cookies, breads and other goodies

In The Oven offers freshly baked cakes, cookies, breads and other goodies by a Food Technologist turned baker of Bakepertise Philippines. – that’s according to their Facebook page. I was able to sample some of their Loaf Breads and I was really happy that I get to taste them.  As for me, it was one of the best Banana Loaves I’ve had.

It was heavy and cake-y.  I love that it was moist, too and the flavor of Banana is distinct in every bite.  I paired it with a cup and coffee and it was perfect!


The Plain Banana Bread Loaf (Php130) which you can see on the upper left has the perfect balance of sweetness. Not too sweet and not too bland.


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Loaf (Php160) – The chocolate chips added some sweetness to it but not overwhelming.


Cream Cheese Banana Bread Loaf (Php270) – My favorite.  The cream cheese gave a little saltiness to this sweet goodness of Banana Loaf.  Really love the pairing as it has a well balanced flavor.





Chocalate Chips Cookies with Dark Choco Chunks (Php180) – These cookies were really good. It hast crisp texture on the outside but moist inside. ❤️

You may order via Viber: 09985563639



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