iDarts Dash: the first electronic darts in the Philippines

iDarts Dash is the one and only electronic darts in the country. Owned and operated by Dash, who isn’t a professional Darts player, she was able to try iDarts in Australia and love it so she decided to bring iDarts here in the Philippines.




This isn’t your usual bar club as this requires the ability to hit Bulls eye. What I like about this place is that even if you don’t know how to play, there’s instructors who’d be more than willing to assist you.


Tried it, but I keep failing. Haha

We’re able to try the food they offer and here’s what I have to say:


Street Food Platter (Php 180.00) – The one that got finished first on our table. It has Fishballs, Kikiam, Squidballs and mini Hotdogs. The best street food there is!


Lemon Pepper Chicken Skin (Php 200) – These sinful little thing is delicious when dipped in vinegar. Can’t help but say YOLO every bite.


Umami Chicken Tenders (Php 200) – This was marinated for a day that’s the reason for its flavor. It was fried til golden brown then topped with umami powder. Really addicting!


Rice Spring Roll (Php 230) – Rice vermicelli,  chopped carrot and cucumber inside wrapped in rice paper wrappers. It was delicate and fresh. I love to dunk it on the peanut sauce for added nutty flavor.


Buffalo Wings (Php 330) – These sure were spicy. It has a side of sweet apple slaw to contrast that tangy taste. I prefer to dip it in blue cheese to tame the spiciness a bit. Be sure to have your cold drinks ready for this.


Enoki Nest (Php 210) – Enoki were sliced to make it look like a birds nest. I liked the texture of this dish. It was crispy yet it was soft and chewy. Very interesting taste too as it  has some togarashi and lemon zest. Dip it in the curry mayo for amazing kick.


Corn Tempura (Php 160) – My favorite! These sweet Japanese corn were dipped in batter then fried, then rolled in cheese.


Onion Rings (Php 180) – The batter was tasty in this one. Loved to dip it in the ranch sauce.  By the way, this contains vodka.


Naked Nachos (Php 120) – Corn tortillas served with Nacho cheese sauce and pico de gallo. I just find the meat a bit salty on this one and the cheese added more saltiness as well. IMG_9931.JPG

Spam Cubes (Php 300) – Spam that was marinated in butter milk. Well, what can I say? you can’t go wrong with Spam. The sriracha ketchup was perfect for this to add a spicy kick.

For the cocktail, I ordered the White Horse which consists of London Dry Gin, Peach Schnapps, Grapefruit juice, simple syrup, Lemon and Egg white. It tasted sweet but just right. The alcohol content was just right on my first glass. The second glass though, I can feel the alcohol kick in. This is the best cocktail I’ve had in months.



This place is perfect for team building or even with group of competitive friends. If your good for a real match, you may compete globally as your scores are being recorded. Now, that sounds interesting, right?


You can tell we all had a great time. Thanks iDarts DASH and Zomato for this fun foodie meet up.

Address: Fourth Floor, C3 Annex Building, 7th Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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