Hua Yuan – Experience Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes at Hilton Manila until June 8

Hua Yuan – Brassier Chinoise offers Shanghaineses cuisine with a modern take to cater to a more refined market – these type of cuisine is known for its complex preparation and unique cooking styles.


Located at the second floor of Hilton Manila, it is one of a few restaurants in the Metro to offer authentic Shanghainese dishes.





Chef Lam Hock Hin from Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is Hilton Manila’s guest Chef for Hua Yuan – Brassier Chinoise. The famous Master Chef, has over 15 years of service for Hilton Hotels and 30 years of experience in food and beverage industry. He sure knows how to work wonders the kitchen.  We were able to meet the very funny Chef and he was able to share some of his experiences with Hilton and how he cooked in authentic Chinese cuisine expertly.  It is known that he still uses traditional Cantonese techniques but added some modern flair, too in order to have a depth in flavors with his dishes.

With resident Chinese sous Chef Kevin Xu – an expert in Shanghainese cuisines cooking but also knowledgeable in Sichuan, Cantonese and South East Asian cuisines. His passion is to cook great food to cater to different kinds of palate.

This is an exclusive collaboration is part of Hilton Manila’s major event to celebration of their 100th year of hospitality.

Four Hands Culinary Series: Flavors of China

Hua Yuan features 8-course meal that combines authentic Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes, each Chef will be showcasing their signature dishes.  The menu highlights Chef Lam’s well loved dishes in Hilton Kuala Lumpur, namely: Appetizer Mix Salad with Kaori Bako, Golden Scallops and Anchovies, Double boiled Black and White Garlic Soup with Sea Cucumber and Spare Ribs. In addition, for the main course, Butter Milk Prawn with Egg flakes and Scented Curry Leaves and Smokey Grilled slice Pork with Leeks have been included in the menu.



To complement Chef Lam’s dishes, Chef Kevin Xu features Hua Yuan’s Shanghainese favorites in the main course – Hua Yuan Fragrant Tea Smoked Duck, Deep Fried Grouper Sweet and Sour Style with Pine Nuts, and Fried Rice with XO Sauce.

Get this complimentary Rice Cake as appetizer.


Mix Salad with Kaori Bako, Golden Scallops and Anchovies
The Coconut sauce was indeed new to me when it comes t o having any type of Salad.  It sure does not have that acidity like what we’re used to.  It is much more on the salty-savory type that’s really tasted good and very common to our palate.



Double boiled Black and White Garlic Soup with Sea Cucumber and Spare Ribs
This soup tasted so good! The Sea Cucumber was soft and the Spare Ribs, tender.  You can taste the garlic so well.  Make sure to eat the Black Garlic as it has that sweet taste in it that’ll add more flavor to this flavorful soup.


Main Course
Hua Yuan Fragrant Tea Smoked Duck
The smell was enticing already.  The tender, well-flavored duck was perfectly cooked.  The skin was not that crispy but still good on its own.  Hoisin sauce can be added but I prefer eating it as it is.



Butter Milk Prawn with Egg Flakes and scented Curry Leaves
Love how it was presented.  The head of the prawn was separated and was placed as a decor instead making it easier to eat.  The Prawn was cooked perfectly and the sauce well complimented it along with the Egg flakes which added a crispy texture.



Deep Fried Grouper Sweet and Sour Style with Pine Nuts
Whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant, I make sure to order anything in sweet and sour sauce so I could say that this is one of my favorites.  The crispy Grouper was cooked til golden brown.  Also, the presentation is another wow factor!



Smoky Grilled sliced Pork with Leeks
The pork was marinated in a special sauce and you can really taste that.  The savory-smoky flavor pork was tasty on its own. The chili powder on its side can be used to add that spicy kick.



Fried Rice with XO Sauce
I know, by this time, you are already looking for rice.  We we’re all surprised as this was served last but just perfect so we can devour all the flavor of the first dishes served.  This Fried Rice has seafood, meat, and vegetables.  The XO Sauce surely made it spicier but I was still able to enjoy all the flavor in it.



Coconut Cream Jelly with Taro Balls and Peach Gum




Marigold Flying Blooming Tea


This Four Hands Culinary Series: 8 course meal is available at Hilton Manila until June 8 only. Experience the combined authentic Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes in collaboration with Chef Lam, all the way from Malaysia and Chef Kevin. That’s Php2,888 per head (minimum of 6 diners) and will be available only from May 29 – June 8, 2019.


Address: Second Level, Hilton Manila, 1 Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay City 1309

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