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Honolulu Café has been around since 1940 which mainly is from Hongkong serving their own version of Honolulu Coffee, Hongkong Milk Tea, Egg Tart, Hongkong fried noodles and more.  Now, after 70 years of development and growth, Honolulu has become a place to visit fot its known gourmets and unique Hong Kong Cafe taste.



This location in Robinson’s Place Manila has a modern flair in it looking fresh and hip.  I liked that it has an open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared.  It has a roasting station, too, and we’re so delighted that we’re able to taste their version of different meat in its flavorful sauces and marinades.


You can comfortably seat here as there’s a lot of room. Vibrant yellow and green color dominates the place.


We were first served with their famous Honolulu Egg Tart (Php50) . It’s made from 192 folds of  flaky, soft crust.  It was heavenly and not too creamy than the usual which makes it more addicting.




Yes! They bake the Egg Tarts here.


Crusty BBQ Pork Bun (Php60.00) has a crispy-powdery outer layer yet chewy on the inside.  There’s Pork BBQ too which made me “wow!” on my first bite.


Honolulu Bo Lo Buns (Php60) another type of bread where you can pair perfectly to your hot tea or coffee.  This bun is tasty and the flavor on top is sweet and crusty, too.  Enjoy it with Coffee flavor or with Butter.


HK Style Milk Tea (Php120)



 Ice Red Bean with Milk (Php130)


Baked Spaghetti with Pork Chop (Php298)  It has that sweet-savory taste to it. Perfect if you wanna skip the rice.  The tender Pork Chop swimming in that Spaghetti sauce and cheese is definitely


 Curry Fish Ball (Php198) Perfect appetizer while waiting for your orders. I find this too spicy, though.


BBQ Pork (Php260) The Pork was tender in a sweet caramelize sauce.


Soy Chicken (Php450 Half| Php900/whole) Soft Chicken in its delicious sauce.



Roasted Pork Belly (Regular – Php675/ Half – P450) The skin was really crispy and its meat was tender, too. I enjoyed dipping this on their mustard sauce.


Stirred Fried Flat Noodle with Beef (Php268) I am a huge fan of Char Kway Teow, so its easy to fall in love with this dish once it landed on our table.  The thick noodles has a salty savory sauce.  There’s generous amount of meat in it, too.


Deep Fried Spare Ribs with Honey Garlic (Php288) The sweet and spicy flavor burst on your mouth in every bite.


Beef Curry in Casserole (Php328) This would be my top favorite dish here in Honolulu. That’s thick, creamy curry sauce with tender beef. Really perfect with rice.


Deep Fried Prawn with Thousand Island (Php488) Another hit.  The Thousand Island sauce added a sweet, creamy flavor to the crispy fried prawn.

Overall, this restaurant is definitely worth a visit.  I am giving it a 5/5 rating as all the food taste amazing and the serving were hefty.  Additional would be the friendly staff who were patient enough to take our orders and requests.


Address: Robinsons Place Manila. Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing, Ermita, Manila

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