Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste: Make Brush Time Hapee Time

My daughter and I just watched the movie Frozen 2 over the weekend. We sure laughed and sang and had so many feels all through the duration of the movie. Not only that, we ate too much, too and had chicken poppers, popcorn, cupcakes, hotdogs, french fries, and chocolate Milkshake. For sure there’s a lot of tiny things that need to be brushed off of my daughter’s teeth when we get home.




Good thing, Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste had these characters on them and it was never a challenge to let her brush her teeth immediately.


With its fruity flavors, it was such a pleasant brushing experience for her every time. We’ve been using this toothpaste since then and I am amazed by the results on her teeth. It has the right amount of fluoride needed to fight the cavities making her teeth clean, strong and pearly white.





Aside from Frozen, there are colorful characters available as well like Mickey Mouse and friends.



The delicious flavors such as Strawberry, Lemon, Apple, Orange, Grapes, and even Cookies and Cream would make them want to brush every minute.  Sometimes, she just don’t want to stop.  I’m pretty sure your kid can pick the right flavor that they’ll love. As for Atreu, she love Strawberry and Apple, so far.



It sure is brushing time is a bonding moment with me and right now with her cousin Azrael.  Both of them are enjoying the flavors of Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste.



Make Brush Time, Hapee Time with Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste.

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