GoodVybes Fest

waThis is probably one of the best night of my 2016 ever.  I was so delighted to attend the GoodVybes Festival last February 20th.  I was just so thrilled I’d get to watch Chvrches and Passion Pit in one concert.  Felt a bit sad as I was not able to catch Stars as I arrived late. (but damn, their set was too early) Traffic was really bad as always in this country of course. 🙁 but I’m hoping I’ll be able to see them again.  This was their second visit. Hopefully, there’s a third one.

When we arrived, Oh Wonder was already performing and I’m giddy as I was still able to catch them play couple of songs.

Probably one of my favorite track from this alt-duo from London is ‘Body Gold’. Listening to this song live was just heavenly. Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West’s voice are just so fine, their blending is so melodic.


Anthony West asked the crowd how we learned the words to their song.  He’s just bewildered everyone sang along.  Well, welcome to Philippines, Oh Wonder! 😀

There’s another stage on the other side but we never bothered going there as the next act was the most awaited band for this event.

This is Chvrches‘ second visit to the country.  Finally, I’d get to see these electro-pop dudes from Scotland. They’re actually the reason I’m so eager to go to this event.  Well, also because of Stars and Passion Pit.  Anyways,  when the backdrop was lifted, the crowd can’t help but scream their lungs out.  The band started their set with an upbeat ‘Never Ending Circles’ making the crowd loudly sing along.

Lauren Mayberry was so fun to watch and her energy never decreases.  Running around in circles, jumping and head banging to the songs making her hair so messed up as what she claimed but honestly, she still looked perfect.

This girl!  My cousin probably died already seeing this angel sing in front of him as he has a huge crush on her.  Actually, I do too but I’m no lesbo.  It’s just that this girl’s talent is over the top.  She has a Law Degree, a freelance journalist and a drummer and keyboardist too from her previous bands.  Tell me who wouldn’t love this girl? Even the gay guy at the event love her.  Check this video as what a gay guy blurted out during their set.  So funny!

I totally lost it when they played my favorite tunes from their album.  I’m just so ecstatic singing and dancing along.  The video I took is just a reminder of this night.  I know it’s shaky, so,sorry! 😀

And the band ended their set with the first single from their debut album “The Bones Of What You Believe.”

I was a bit sad as “Night Sky” wasn’t part of their line up.  I wanted an encore but I was a bit excited for Passion Pit too.

While waiting for them to set up.  I believe there’s Fireworks Competition happening in Mall Of Asia and guess what? We’re still able to witness the beauty of it.

And then, my phone was about to die.  I know I’m such a bummer for not bringing my power bank with me.  One of my favorite Passion Pit’s song is “Little Secret” and it was their first song and I was so happy I could record it before my battery ran out. 😀
Michael Angelakos voice was a bit shaky at first three songs but he was able to redeem himself afterwards.  He definitely can sing and they’re so good onstage.

IMG_5677.JPGI like the energy of Chris Hartz as he bang those drums away.  Damn was he good!  But let’s not forget the other members as they were all so hyped up on stage too.

I’d like to give a shout out to Aaron Harrison Folb who liked my video posts on Instagram and even replied.  What a nice guy. Thank you Aaron 🙂

Excuse my face in the end.  I just can’t help it, I know you can’t too.
“higher and higher and higher, higher and higher and higher…” 😀 😀 😀

And then my phone died.  I was not able to record other songs of Passion Pit and how crazy the crowd was singing along with each songs they played.  One of my favorite part of his event was the encore.  They went back to play “Sleepyhead.” It was such a lovely night.  I am so happy I was here.  So we went home with a happy and satisfied heart with sand on our dirty shoes.

This is one of the best night ever. <3

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