Fat Fook Kitchen: Taiwanese comfort food now in SM Megamall

Fairly new in the area, Fat Fook now brings street Taiwanese food to our hungry palate. They surely can compete with lots of restaurants inside this mall bringing in authentic Taiwanese dishes.

The store has a lovely Asian design. I personally love the idea of plates and saucers hanging on the walls, loads of lamps for the well lit ambiance. I could say that the area they have is pretty ok. Lots of people can dine altogether.



We started our meal getting a little adventurous with the Fried Stinky Tofu.  We all agreed it smelled bad. Really, really bad but we still ate it.


Fried Stinky Tofu (Php 208)

For me, that texture of the tofu was smooth, dip it in the sauce and it actually was surprisingly good.  But this is something that I will not have again as the smell permeates.

I love Beef Noodles and they definitely serve one good Beef Noodles here.  The firm noodles and tender beef, the flavorful broth. Everything here is so perfect.


Taiwan Beef Noodles (Php 258)

This is something I eat when the weather’s too cold but with this, I can eat this anytime of the day.


Noodles with Minced Pork Sauce 

This noodles tasted good. With the saltiness of the pork, it added more flavor to the dish. I liked that the noodles was a bit bland and that you have to have a bit of the minced pork and get the flavor in there.


Their XLB definitely is one of the best I’ve tasted.  You can really tell this was cooked long hours because the meat and the soup was tasty.  The wanton wrapper was a bit thin too which is what I prefer.


Pork Xiao Long Bao (Php 158 for 5 pcs)


Salt and Pepper Chicken Cubes (Php 268)

I can eat this with or without rice. The thin batter was almost not noticeable. I’m not sure if this was all Pepper and Salt but this tasted so delicious.


Tofu with Century Egg and Pork Floss (Php 198)

Soft, silk and melts-in-your-mouth chilled tofu with scrumptious Pork Floss on top.  With the sweet and spicy sauce to give it a more interesting taste, this is truly one lovely appetizer.  The Century Egg was just Creme de la Creme.


Chicken Chop Noodle Set  (Php 298)

Chicken Chop Noodles was a bit bland for my taste.  Even if I added more Chicken along with the noodles, I still don’t get the flavor.  I probably need to add a fish sauce to appreciate this more.



Taiwanese Sausage (Php 328)

These sweet/salty Sausages will surely be loved by the kids or kids at heart.  I haven’t tried it with the Garlic but I’m sure it will still be tasty with it.


Steamed King Fish (Php 428)

This Fish was steamed and cooked perfectly. The thick sauce made it more appetizing.  This is something that my mom would love as this dish is a hit or miss. And with this one, it definitely is a hit!



Taiwan Style Fried Rice (Php 258)

The Fried Rice tasted flavorful that I thought there’s a lot of umami. It still went so well with all the viands we had.



This Patatim is served with these Cua Paos and boy, it truly is such a perfect pair.  I love the softness of the buns and the thick sauce and meat absorbed all that flavors.  It just burst in your mouth goodness.

End your meal with these sweet goodness:




They also have Milk Tea available for such affordable prices.


I am glad to know Fat Fook Kitchen and will definitely recommend this to family and friends.  This is to give you an idea on what to order on your visit.

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