Doña Mila’s Premium Lasagna: serving premium Lasagna since 1990

The Doña Mila’s Premium Lasagna recipe has been around since 1990 when the Mom used to bake this for the family. Her passion for cooking led her to start a small business that sells homemade dishes. Through these humble beginnings, it made them sustain the studies of her kids. Through time, Lasagna became a household favorite among their families and friends, even children who don’t eat Lasagna love it too! Decided to continue where she left off and share to others what Doña Mila’s Premium Lasagna is.


Right now, they can deliver your favorite Lasagna to your doorsteps. You may order through their Instagram Page. 


This tray that I got is good for 2-3 people for only Php500. That’s surely a bang for the buck. For that meaty, saucy Lasagna, it sure will make you satisfy your craving for one scrumptious Lasagna.


What I liked about this Lasagna is that it’s not sweet.  It has that perfect Italian flavor in it plus the sauce is just overflowing.  Also, the cheese was topped generously.


When you order, you can clearly see that your food is well contained.  The food is packed nicely with its black paper bag, showing a photo of their signature Lasagna.



What’s perfect pair with the Lasagna is their newly released product Crispy Salted Egg Chicken Nuggets (Php650 for 23 pieces).  I tell you that the golden brown fried perfectly with Salted Egg flavor really is addicting.  One bite is not enough.



So this coming Christmas season, get together and parties is just around the corner.  So if you have a potluck session, I strongly suggest to order this tray for a satisfying dining experience with family or friends.

Here’s how you can order.

Phone number: +639778111134

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