Solutions: Improving the Skin Care Industry since 1996

Growing up means taking care of our skin and we all know that it’s so hard to find a beauty product that will suit our preferences. At one point, we would consider purchasing a product that smelled good, looked good, well endorsed by our favorite celebrities or has good reviews. To me, I would always settle for the ingredients and I make sure it does not contain too many chemicals to avoid regrets.

And then, I found out that about solutions – they offer and distribute high-quality generic products to dermatologists and produce creams, lotions, and solutions for facial salons and aestheticians. It has remained a leader in creating top-grade, customizable skin products that have been recognized by both dermatology experts and aestheticians.

I recently tried these products from Derm.ingsolutions.



The Lipid Free Cleansing Soap. At first, I kind of felt like lathering my face with lotion as it does not have a foamy effect. Instead, it has emollient action making your face feel more soft and moisturized. This substitute for soap has non-irritating, and it also soothes dry skin.

The Collagen Cream helped in maintaining elasticity for anti-aging. It will reduce fine lines and wrinkles that’ll make your skin looked nourished and fresh.

What makes me even giddier is that these products are safe for breastfeeding moms, like me.

You can order through shopee_ph

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