d’ Origine: a live culinary showcase and Interactive Dining by Dusit Hospitality Management College

dusitD2 The Fort, Manila and Dusit Hospitality Management College  opens the doors of d’Origine led by Maître Cuisinier de France Cyrille Soenen that will surely tickle the palette of the hearty gastronome.

d’Origine presents dining in an interactive setting with a live culinary showcase by seasoned chefs presenting rich menu that balances signature dishes and contemporary cuisine. This inspired gourmet kitchen and restaurant will make its guests see, taste, and feel its dishes being presented right before their eyes.

“d’Origine is an exciting dining destination because of all the possibilities right at our fingertips,” shares Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Arts, Chef Cyrille Soenen. “With the innovative mix of our seasoned chefs and young protégés, we are able to serve our guests with such a rich variety, from signature dishes to inventive new recipes.”

We had 5 course meal with delectable dishes such as:


Barramundi Stuffed with Shrimp (Php1368-for sharing)Baked with Puff pastry and served with sauce choron


The fresh Barramundi is cut into fillet, stuffed in a dough, then baked to goodness. I had hesitation to try it the first time as I like fish either deep-fried or grilled.  Well, I was wrong as this was probably one of the best version of Barramundi I’ve tried so far.  Its flaky crust meets the soft fish inside.  It was really good.


We also got to see it being prepared and cut open, then spread with Shaolin sauce.




Braised US Ox Tongue (Php488)served with baby potatoes and ravigote sauce


At first glanced I mistaken it for a Wagyu.  These cubes of ox tongue were really soft and succulent.


By the way, they’re very tedious to  make as all the meat we’ve tried were cooked or prepared at least 48 hours.



Asparagus Adlai Risotto (Php318) – with Iberico Ham and Parmessan cheese


Adlai Rice is high in fiber, low glycemic, gluten-free and a healthier alternative to rice and pasta.
This is my first time to try a Risotto using Adlai Rice and at first, I find it a bit weird as its grains were a bit big than usual.  But while having more of it, it wasn’t that bad.  It was actually pretty good. This Risotto was cooked nicely with some bite in it and the asparagus gave a distinct flavor to it.



Pamora Free-Range Chicken Blanquette Fricassee (Php688) – with glazed baby vegetables


The creamy sauce were really good.  When I had a bite of it, I could compare the taste close to Chicken Pastel.


Pork Chop Charcutiere (Php488)served with charcutiere sauce and mashed potatoes


Love that the meat were thick yet it was really juicy.  It has smoky flavor in it, too.  Love the buttery taste as well in every bite.


Braised Beef Cheeks (Php788) – celery-potatoes mash gratinated with Emmental


The meat were so soft I felt like it was corned beef.  It was that soft.


Strawberry Smoothie

For dessert, when it comes to French cuisine, it is mandatory that you make sure you save some room for it.  Can I just say that all that we’ve tried were absolutely amazing! From its plating, to presentation, to taste! It was so good.


L’Original Kouign Amann (Php250) – caramelize, laminated sweet dough,  home-made salted caramel  ice cream


Kouign Amman (Php318) – coconut, mango cream, pineapple rum sherbet




Chocolate Moelleux Cake (Php318) served with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate french Macaron


Fennel Short Dough (Php230) – calamansi light cream with mascarpone, lemon sherbet pasti


Baba Au Rum (Php318) – yeast cake soaked in Kampot pepper scented syrup,  compressed fruits,  vanilla pastry cream, Caribbean plantation rum



It was such a gastronomic feast indeed here at d’ Origine.  I am excited for them to fully open soon. I assure you that you’d be treated warmly by the staff, the Chefs, and you’d have such satisfying dining experience.

Address: 6 McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, Metro Manila

*Shoutout to Hungry Herl for being a savior and lending me her phone for my photos. 😀

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