First visit to Coron, Palawan in 2015

Finally, I can tick this off my list.  I’ve been to El Nido couple of years ago and since then, I’ve been so eager to visit this place just so I would know the difference of both places and what they offer.

can you spot the rainbow?

First of, we knew we made a mistake of booking a hotel 2 hours away from town proper.

We’re stuck and can’t do anything except play board games or eat or sleep.

this game is cool, though

But for me, it’s not a bad decision at all.

…because you won’t get this type of view anywhere in Coron town proper.  Our stay at Sanctuaria Treehouses was one of the best stays I’ve had when in vacation.  The view is just magnificent.   Stunning!

welcome drinkour tree house

mangrove view

This room we had is good for 4-6 person.  There’s also a bed upstairs where I initially stayed for about 2 hours but ended up staying downstairs instead because of a friendly Gecko staring straight at me which scared the shit at out me, I almost fell down the stairs eager to come down. Haha

There’s a lot of Geckos in this place and trust me, they’re not tiny.  They’re freaking huge you will be scared too.  But the owner refused to get rid of them.  They help catch mosquitoes at night as what he says, so, he said they’re good to be in the room.

bar area

And here, we also get to meet new friends Vince and Dyuls.

They offer good food too.  This Thai Green Curry is delicious for Php250.

Green Thai Curry with Salad

For our first day, we did island hopping and visited:
– Siete Picados
– Kayangan Lake
– Barracuda Lake
– Twin Lagoon
– Banol Beach.

First stop, Siete Picados.  We heard  the news about an accident here so our tour guide warned us to be careful swimming.  Look at that warning signs every where.

up to Kayangan Lake

and then down… 🙂

And here it is my friends, the clearest lake in Asia.

And after swimming and taking lot’s of photos, we’re off to Barracuda Lake.

Entrance to Barracuda Lake.  It’s a bit steep.

I’d say I enjoyed swimming here and the rock formations below are amazing too.

We had some snacks at Banol Beach and I’m pretty impressed with this beach.  The sand is white and powdery.

So, what can I say?  I would say I love Coron but my heart longs for El Nido, everytime 🙂

Will post another blog about our stay in Coron Town Proper for Island Hopping Day 3.

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