Coffee Project – now offers Project Pancakes

I would always adore Coffee Project’s interior. Each Coffee Project I’ve been to exudes charm. Different designs but same vibe. That feeling of being close to nature as there’s always has some green and flowery elements inside. Each corner is such Instagram worthy. Like this branch in Salcedo Square, there’s actually an entrance going to the other side of the coffee shop where in you will have to pass through a jungle-like hallway.

Coffee Project just launched their Project Pancakes and I am so delighted because it’s a perfect pair to my coffee.  These fluffy pancakes are surely delicious. There’s three flavors to choose from.

Classic (Php135 (1pc) and Php195 (2pc) – this one’s good for those who love their pancake simple. The butter on top is good enough, in my opinion.

Blueberry (Php175 (1pc) Php 235 (2 pc) – with blueberry jam in it, this one’s perfect for blueberry lovers. It really is refreshing to eat.

Chocolate (Php145 (1pc) Php 205 (2 pc) – the chocolate chips were generously placed in and on top of the pancakes, too. If you can’t get enough chocolates, this is the one that you should have on your next visit.

I also got to try some other breakfast staples such as Beef Tapa (Php 235). The well marinated and tender tapa was really savory. This comes with egg and vegetables on the side. If you’re in for a heavy breakfast, go grab this.

Bacon 4 Cheese (Php205)- who doesn’t love Bacon, right? This is packed with lettuce, egg, and cucumber, too.

There’s also some sandwiches like croissant, toast and more..

Sardine Pasta (Php225) – the pasta was  a little overcooked for me but the sauce and sardine tasted really good.

There’s cake available as well if you prefer to have some sweets. We got to try the Chocolate, Brownie and Salted Caramel Cheesecake, some cupcakes and even pizza.

When it comes to coffee, there’s so much choices here.  There’s frappuccino and hot and iced.




I tried the Vietnamese Latte and it really was so good. The strong flavor of coffee and the creaminess of the milk merged together was just so good. Definitely can perk you up in the morning. Other coffee I’ve tried was good as well.  I could say that they offer much affordable prices, too.

Coffee Project sure offers more than just coffee. From sweets to savory food, they’ve got everything that you need.  This place is perfect hang out, too. I strongly suggest that you come visit them if you haven’t.

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