ChawadiCup: newest Milk Tea place with authentic Thai tea

With all the Milk Tea places emerging from different parts of the Metro, there’s one that truly stick to their rule in offering authentic tea. The owner Ken and Wilson made sure that they know a thing or two about brewing a tea that they even visited countries such as Thailand, specifically in Chiang Rai, Taiwan, and China to learn more about the beauty of brewing.  From then on, they felt the need to open a tea shop hence ChawadiCup is born.


Located in Araneta Avenue, this little Milk Tea store is being queued up already when we visited.  And since it is near schools, buildings and condominium, be prepared to line up for a few minutes for your drinks.  The good news is, it’s still tolerable.


They take pride with their tea they are being sourced directly from Thailand. Here are the flavors that I’ve tried when I visited:


Cheesy Watermelon (Php138) – When I got a hold of this drink, I did not put it down.  That’s how good this was.  No wonder it’s one of the best sellers.  The watermelon already has that quenching effect, right? But the Cheese made it more interesting.


Cha Yen (P98) + This is the classic version of Thai Milk Tea.  It was still creamy yet you can taste the real tea in it.



Bora Bora (Php158) – This colorful drink does not have any artificial flavors.  The colors came out naturally from the butterfly pea flower. It has fresh lychee at the bottom that surely tastes refreshing,


Watermelon Soul(Php128), Cha Manao (Php128), Bora Bora (Php158), Jasmine Tea (Php108)



If you’re the type who wanted to have something to chew on, here what you can add:

Add ons:
Pearls: Php28
Cheesycap: Php38
Okinawa Jelly: Php38



Try ChawadiCup today as they have delivery within Metro Manila.  Please try the Cheesy Watermelon and I promise you, you will love it!

You might want to check out their promotion as they sometimes slashes the prices on certain dates.

Address440A Gregorio Araneta Ave Brgy. Dona Imelda, Quezon City, Philippines

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