Strolling in Calle Crisologo and getting the legit Ilocos Empanada

anj in vigan

A visit to Ilocos would never be complete without having a walk in Calle Crisologo in Vigan.

This historic place will take you back to the Spanish Colonial time with its well preserved houses,  shops and whatnot. Here, you can get your souvenirs and other memento to take home with you. 

To me, there’s really nothing special as Intramuros is near my school back in college, where this sight is pretty common. 

What made me more excited about is the Empanada. As you know, I love Empanada and there’s nowhere in the world having this but here in Ilocos. 

While walking, we passed by Nanang Sion’s 

It’s obvious that this place is old and has some of its wear and tear but I figured it could use some cleaning as there are lots of dust and spiderwebs everywhere. 

There’s beauty in old things, that I know. Vintage scooter and bicycle on displays, along with old wooden tables and chairs. 

I suggest that you find a spot where its well ventilated as it gets hotter.[email protected]/49779359341/in/album-72157713908499773/[email protected]/49778836023/in/album-72157713908499773/

When I tasted Nanang Sion’s Empanada, I got hooked. Its crispy batter with 1 whole egg, Vigan Longganisa and vegetables were spot on! Add their in-house vinegar for that perfect punch.  It was one of the most memorable dishes I had here in Ilocos. So, do yourselves a favor and have some for yourself. 

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