C’ Italian Dining: Italian dining at its finest

When being asked, “What is that one food you can eat everyday for the rest of your life?” I would always say Pizza.  But after visiting C’ Italian,  it recently changed to “Rolls Royce Panizza” 😀

The ambiance of C’ Italian is quite intimidating but trust me they’re not.  The restaurant owners even the waiters are really cool and very accommodating.




Look at that mist effect.

I love all the food we had here.  Starting with their complimentary Ciabatta bread which is home baked. It comes with Pesto and cheese in olive oil as dip. Very delicious.
Followed by the Panizza which originated by this restaurant, mind you.  They served Rolls Royce first and I forgot where I was.  I kept on mumbling “this is so good” because it really is.  It has Sundried Tomatoes, Scallop Flakes, Shrimp and Salami.  We also tried other flavors like Jando, Katrina and Angelico.  Each one has their distinct flavor and are very good too but I suggest you try Rolls Royce and you will thank me later.

Rolls Royce Panizza


Roll it with Arugula and Alfalfa Sprouts


Kar Michael

Then, there’s Pasta and what stood out to me the most was the Linguine Al Fruiti de Mare.  The Prawns, Mahi-mahi and mussels with pomodoro sauce combined all together are just perfect.

Linguine Al Fruitti de Mare

I also like their Spanghetti Con Polpette (Meatballs).  It’s different from what I had.  Probably because of their home made pomodoro sauce as well.
Oh, and also I will never forget the Penne Roborto.  The sauce was so flavorful.  It has a bit taste to it probably because of the gruyere cheese used.  But still appetizing.  I remember I can’t stop myself from having another spoonful of it.

IMG_2086Penne Roborto

Then Seafood Truffle Risotto was served.  Oh, man! By this time we’re already so full.  But again, you can’t say no to this dish.  It so heavenly.  It was cooked perfectly.  No doubt about that.  Best Risotto I’ve had.

Seafood Truffle Risotto

Their signature Tuscan Roasted Chicken is also the bomb.

Tuscan Roasted Chicken

The Flank Steak was succulent, tender and just delicious.  So ambrosial.

Flank Steak. 1 Kg.

For Dolce, we had Tiramisu,  I like but I like Mary Grace’s’ more.


What I love is their Lemon Cheesecake. It’s very rich in flavor.
I could say that C’ Italian is now my favorite Italian Restaurant.  And I miss all the food already.
Thanks C’ Italian and Zomato!

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