Bulalo World

If there’s one dish that my family and I love, it would be Bulalo. To us, this viand unites us. Usually cooked on a Sunday when we’re all complete, this would be our time together .While some are busy sucking the bone marrow, I would usually bite on the corn already then the kids would start with the potatoes. There’s just no doubt that Bulalo is a special dish to our family.
Sm Sta Rosa
Here in Bulalo World, they have different dishes and their main selling point is their Bulalo.
Sm Sta Rosa
It’s good that in one bowl, you can get slices of tender beef, vegetables, corn, and bone marrow. I would say that it tasted ok but nothing really special in it.
Sm Sta Rosa
Sinigang na Hipon was a bit watery.  I can strongly taste the powder used as mixed.
Sm Sta Rosa
Kare-Kare lacked peanut flavor and the meat was too dry.
Sm Sta Rosa
Crispy Pata was crispy but overcooked. They also served Crispy Tawilis which was overcooked as well. They need to learn how to turn their fire low, maybe?
Overall, this place needs improvement on the dishes.
Address: Second Floor, SM City Santa Rosa, Manila South Road, Tagapo, Santa Rosa, Laguna

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