Bornga: authentic Korean flavors

If you’re looking for an authentic Korean restaurant that has the same flavor as what they offer in other countries, this is the place you’re looking for. They aim to stay true to their natural flavors. Bornga has been offering authentic Korean food for 5 years already here in Alphaland, Makati.

They’re a franchise restaurant from a Korean TV personality and Chef Baek Jong-won. They offer one of the best premium meat and promises to serve the same food and the same taste as what they normally serve in Korea. There’s also Bornga in other countries such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia to name a few.

I was impressed by the good ventilation of the place and that each table has a tube to suck the smoke in. You’re going to worry less of your smell. I love that the place was really clean.

There’s different Korean ice cream available too. Yes for some Melona <3

I liked that the vegetables have a separate fridge to keep their freshness. Staff were all smiles when we enter. They also prepared and cooked the meat for us.

Here’s what we had:

Dwaeji Gochujang Barbecue Jaeong-sik (Php450) –  There’s 8 different side dishes included in this lunch special. Along with fire-grilled pork that has some red chili paste. The spice level is tolerable. This would just make you want to have some rice with it more.


Woo Samgyeopsal (Php490) – This is one of their pride as they ensure that they have authentic flavor. What’s special about this is that they have their own Bom-Ga’s sauce where they marinade the meat for some period of time.

Mansinchang Samgyeopsal (Php390) – That’s thick slab of pork belly marinated to your desired flavor. Choose from Mild, Soy Sauce and Spicy. I personally enjoyed the soy sauce as it was well flavored but do not be intimidated by the spicy one as it was not really that spicy.


Jap Chae (Php450) – I always love Jap Chae that isn’t too oily and theirs is just perfect. It was sweet-savory and the glass noodles was firm. The serving can be good for 2-3 persons.

Haemul Pa Jeon (Php550) – This one has lots of scallions. I thought they could add more seafood into it. But overall, it tasted good specially when dipped in soy sauce.

Haemul Tteok-jjim (Php750) – Large bowl of spicy seafood along with some mushroom, cabbage, bamboo sprout and sliced of beef.

Bornga Naengmyeon (Php350) – cold buckwheat noodles with Bornga’s special broth. This is topped with boiled egg, onions, radish and cucumber sprinkled with some seaweeds, too.


I highly recommend Bornga if you’re craving for some Korean food. I can say that they have one of the best premium meat in the area, too. Also, try to go in big groups to save as prices can be a little expensive. They serve huge servings anyway.

They do have a promotion on going, too. Post a picture on Instagram and use the Hashtag #borngamakati Get a FREE drink!! That’s valid until December 31, 2018.

Address: Second Floor, Alphaland Makati Place, Ayala Avenue Extension Corner Malugay Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

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