Visiting Boracay 2015

I visited Boracay this year without really planning to. A friend bought a ticket for me already. I could not say no. I’ve been here just last year but you know what they say, it’s different every time. It was interesting because it’s my first time going there via ferry. I always go here via plane and this time, we’re bound to Batangas Port and that took probably about 10 hours.

From Buendia, after shift, we headed straight to Batangas Pier. We left Friday at 11pm and we arrived in Caticlan around 8am.  Not bad.  We’re there Saturday morning.
Sun is up and the beach is inviting already…

We decided to swim after breakfast and I took them to Puka Beach, this is probably what I like about Boracay. The serenity and the chance to enjoy the beach without many people. I never fail to come here whenever I’m in this Island. It’s about 45 minutes from Station 2. Going there via trike will cost 300. I just love this Island so much because unlike White Beach, there’s no moss, water is very clear and not very crowded and I think this Island is very intimate. Probably just for me but last year though, I saw Korean couples having their prenuptial photos taken here. I really think they picked a great Island to do so.

The sand isn’t as fine as the one in White Beach though but for me, it’s still the best.

At night, we went to Aplaya Bar and had some Beer and Pizza while watching fire dancers. A bucket of beer here and a pizza is about 500php+ sorry, I can’t really recall 😀

For our second day, we tried some water activities:
– Helmet Diving
– Island Hopping
– Fly Fish

We got all four for 1,400 php per head. It’s all kinda extreme, we needed a heavy breakfast first.  We had one at Casa Pilar, station 3 and I just need to have some Bacon and Eggs 😀

And our boat is waiting…

If there’s any other option aside from Shingley to do the Helmet Diving, please grab it.  They’re not very good at taking photos. I am just plain disappointed.  Out of hundreds of photos, I only liked 2. 🙁

For the Island Hopping, they cut us off.  We’re suppose to visit 4 Islands but we only did 3. We visited Crocodile Island first and do some snorkeling.

Ice cream in the island. Life saver

And then we had some lunch at Ilig-iligan Island.  Oh, I swear just pack your own lunch if I were you.  It’s expensive and not even worth it.  It’s so bland and the serving is so small.  Imagine we paid a thousand plus for what you see on the table already.

The fun part of the activity was the Fly Fish.  It’s my first time to do it here and it’s so extreme. It’s really fun if you have your gay friend screaming with you.  The way he screamed will make you burst out laughing you’d forget your concentration not to fall down.  But we didn’t, well, except for his cousin who fell out of the water.

After the tiring activity, we grabbed something to eat at Pizza Hut.  Full of carbs, I know.  But mind you, we didn’t consume it all. 😀 😀 😀

And, let me just share the coolest quote ever…

And took the opportunity to have some photos while there’s still sunset.

We headed back to our hotel and took a shower and rest a bit.  And then, while walking around the island to find a nice place to hang out that night, my friend bumped into his friend who works at La Reserve.  She wanted to go out with us and she said she will take us to Club Paraw and Summer Place.  That sounded cool and fun. The more the merrier.

It’s always fun meeting new people.

We went home at 6:30am without even knowing there’s sunrise already 😀

And then we slept a bit and checked out at 12noon.
Hangover but it was such a fun night.
We left for Kalibo after that…
I just needed to have some Mango shake to cure the hangover but…

And we also had some Bulalo..

but to no avail 😀
It was such a fun night.

Oh, Boracay.. I’ll see you again soon…

Additional information:
Manila to Batangas Pier – Bus: 167php
Batangas – Caticlan Jetty Port: 940php (10 Hours)
Environmental Fee, Terminal Fee, Ferry = 200php
Hotel: D’ Sailor’s Inn Station 2. – 4,000php for 4 adults 3 days 2 nights.
Water activity, 1,400php

Beer usually costs 90php per bottle at Summer Place and Club Paraw
In Summer Place, go there around 12mn to avoid paying for the entrance fee.

For more questions, I’m just an email away.

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  1. anngeneral says:

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      Haha! Kung pwede lang iuwi para sa inyo eh! Hahaha

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