Beefier: from the makers of The Beef Shop

Beefier is the newest addition to the growing food stalls in The Grid, Rockwell. They started just a few months back (March) but I tell you, they’re not a neophyte when it comes to the industry since they’re the makers of The Beef – a shop that specializes in this kind of meat.



As what their Facebook page says – They’re trying to be the best burger in Manila. And no! They’re not trying to give you the normal burgers that we see in every corner of the streets… not the usual kind that offers BOGO’s, not just common beef patty, mayo and ketchup combination. They work hard for their burgers (and the beef). – I can attest to that.  I was able to see that the simple steps of creating a burger seemed to be a workload to them. Just the taste, and you’d know a big difference.


The patties were crushed to get that certain crust.  The result was juicy, luscious, and oh so delicious burger patty.  Tossed that in between a homemade potato bun, that’s buttered and toasted to get that bronze color.  We tried 3 different flavors and I was really amazed by its taste.  The quality of the beef is bursting with wonderful flavors. Here, we tried Beefier, Cheesier and Beefiest.


Beefier (Php250) – That’s smashed, tender, perfectly grilled patty.


Cheesiest (Php450) – Thick cut of emmental cheese, topped with smashed patty with some vegetables and cheese sauce.



Beefiest (Php490) – The patty has a prime steak cut that is thick and mouthful, indeed.

I can tell that the patties were flavored so well.  It was tender and really moist from the inside up to its grilled outer layer. And the buttery taste of the bun made me really finish this in one go.  One of the best burgers in town, for me.


Arugula Salad (Php330) – The healthiest dish that we had. Crisp greens topped with some Almonds and dried Cranberry. I wish that the vinaigrette was added more in it, though.



Gravy Boat Burger Steak with Rice (Php340) – To be honest, you don’t need a gravy in here.  Just that piece of the Steak will surely make you drool.  The Steak was shaped in rectangle and has a thick cut. It was succulent. Probably my favorite of all. The corn on the side added creaminess to it.



BBQ Short Ribs with Rice (Php420) – I am not sure if I was able to smell some truffle in there but these ones definitely smelled sooo good and tasted amazing.  The ribs were all tender and have that smoky flavor in it. The sauce was creamy, cheesy and definitely filling.


Corn and Cheese (Php120) – The corn was cooked perfectly. It’s sauce was creamy but not overwhelming. Perfect as sides.

If you’re a carnivore and wanted something to fill you up, I strongly suggest you visit this stall right away.  I was able to enjoy all the food that we had. I am sure you also will.




Address: Stall #6 at The Grid Food Market, 2/F Rockwell Power Plant Mall.

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