Badoc Island, Ilocos Norte: a pristine white sand beach from the North


I was ecstatic when my friend Nina invited my to go visit Ilocos where she currently resides. I’ve been meaning to visit this place as I’ve heard a lot of beautiful beaches in this town. And before I know it, I was on a bus with 7 friends boarded to Sinait, Ilocos Sur. 

We never wasted any time. As soon as we reached their home, we freshen up and then headed to  Ilocos Norte in Lugo Beach. 

Before we hop on the floating cottages, we visited the magnificent La Vigen Milagrosa Chapel to say our little prayer. 

Then, we had some lunch and I was amazed on how they would deliver your food. It was literally swimming to get on the cottage. 

This big fish net is where you can place your bottles, bags etc. which can then be recycled.

Lunch time!

We rented a boat and reached the other side of the island called Badoc. It was breath-taking as the sand is white and the sea is perfect blue and green. 

Of course, with the island as beautiful as this, you can’t help but take wonderful photos. 😀 

With my friends Bunny, Herl, Jen, and Nina

What you need to know: 
– Bus ride from Manila to Laoag, Ilocos Norte: Php800 – Php1000. 
– Alight at Badoc, Ilocos Norte.
– Ride a tricycle to La Vigen Milagrosa Chapel.
– Boat Rent: Php1200 good for 6 people.
– Registration Fee: Php20

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