Aracama: Elevating Filipino food made even fancier

I love the ambiance of this place and it’s good to know there’s a band playing from Mondays – Thursdays. I think they start at 9:30pm. I will definitely try the lounge area soon and invite some of my friends. The first floor is very sophisticated, chic, and cozy.

Good for family set up while the second floor is roomier with lots of tables arranged for groups. The bar area is located in Alfresco where the stage is placed
Aracama showcased its own version of Filipino Food. Here’s what we tried:
Malunggay Mozarella Dip
I enjoyed munching on this too much. I was a bit surprised that it doesn’t have a bitter taste at all. I can have this all day. Very delicious and healthy. The Pancit Molo Soup: It was a bit sweet but just right to the taste. Flavorful even if the soup is overflowing. 😀
I love their Sinugba na Baka – The beef is so tender and flavorful. It just burst into flavors once you pop it in your mouth. I can’t help but have some more.  My favorite dish of the night.
Manok sa Tanglad
is pretty good too. I like the vinegar that comes with it. Perfect for this dish.

Bangus Belly Ala Pobre – I am a fan of Bangus. I just love Bangus too much and this dish made me love it even more. The Pomelo Salad that comes with it is a perfect combination.


Gising Gising – The coconut milk is too heavy.  It’s too spicy for me.  But I can say it’s pretty good too.


Dulce Gatas and Bunuelos – I really like the Dulce Gatas and I can’t help but have some more. I find the Bunuelos oily though probably because of the butter but it’s pretty good.

We came back here and tried some food they offer.  They serve fast, unlike the first time we’re here during the Foodie Meet Up.

The Crispy Pata was the bomb! The skin was so crispy.  It was well seasoned.  The soy sauce was the perfect combo.  It was just amazing.



IMG_1077.JPGPerfect for this KKK Rice (Kalo Kalo and Kalkog) dried baby shrimps.


The Lumpiang Shanghai with Pancit Bihon was too oily though.

IMG_1492 (1).JPG
I love the dip for their Nilasing na Hipon.


Overall,  this place such a nice place to hang out after office hours.  Grab a few drinks and enjoy the band play at night.

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