3 Reasons Why Students Should Save Early

Saving up as early as 10 years old can go a long way when you add them all up 10 years after. If you think that this holds a significant value in you becoming independent and successful in life, then all kudos to you. 

What can I get from saving up early? 

It’s never a bad idea to start saving up in your early teens because you can use whatever you’ve earned when you truly need it. Students especially today should be cautious of their spending simply because life is not easy. Spending too much on several things can bring happiness, but it won’t take long before you realize that it’s just another item you’ll throw away after some time.

Money is not everything but it is something. Know the value of money you have today and make it a habit to never run out just in case of emergencies or sudden expense you need for school or at home. 

How should I see that I am making progress? 

If you’re saving at least P50 a day from your allowance or from a part-time job, you get to earn 1000 by the end of each month. Quite a big deal if you’re in high school with only limited allowance that can barely buy you a meal.

When it comes to handling your money, you should know that the amount you know will multiply if you collect a certain percentage each day. And once you’re old enough to really buy the things that you like, you will have something to spend, and maybe a lot more to spare if you’ve saved enough. 

Kids won’t learn how to save without parents teaching them about money. So, if you’re a parent yourself and would like to secure your child’s bright future, teaching them how they should spend and save their money will likewise spare you from all the trouble once he reaches a certain age. 

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