Why Is Pizza Typically Round?


The simple question, “why is pizza round?” is one that many people have. Type it into a search engine like Google or Yahoo, and you’ll get many millions of answers—closer to a billion answers in fact. Even after throwing out a few million (or even several million) results that really don’t answer the question but are somehow related will still leave you millions of answers to wade through. The next time you’re in the mood for pizza specials near me tonight, consider the following information, which answers this burning question, while you’re waiting for your favorite dish to arrive.

A Little Pizza History

Pizza in some form has been around since man began making bread, which was and continues to be a staple of many cultures. Ancient civilizations made circular pots, pans and other cooking instruments, perhaps because it was easier and more pleasing as a finished product than forming different shapes from stone, clay, bamboo and later, ceramics and other materials. Metal workers also made round cooking containers. Here are some additional tidbits about the origins of round pizza:

  • Sixth-century Persian soldiers cooked flatbreads and toppings on top of their round battle shields.
  • Hand-formed bread may have been easier to shape roundly; consider ancient pre-cursors to tortillas, pitas and other flatbreads.
  • Heat disbursement in ovens and through cooking surfaces means round bread bakes or cooks more evenly.

Some of the first standing ovens may also have been round in shape for the same reason as cooking tools themselves—ease of creation and appearance. Round ovens, whether made of clay, stone or another material, may also have helped disburse heat more evenly too.

Hand-Tossed Dough

One of most the famous images in pizza-making is the chef who tosses pizza dough, throwing it up in the air to spin a few times before nimbly catching it on the tips of his fingers and immediately tossing it upward again. You may have seen such a sight at a favorite restaurant. But’s it not all about putting on a show.

Tossing the dough is a preferred method that some use to create a softer crust. Spinning is what forms the dough into a disc, while also forcing air to flow over it, which removes enough moisture to make working with it a less sticky procedure. Hand-tossed dough also retains more moisture than those formed mechanically, making for a softer crust. Another favorite round food of people in the U.S. is the cheeseburger, which you can enjoy as a pizza too when you order delivery cheeseburger pizza.

Round Pizza, Square Boxes

A second question flows naturally from the first about why pizza is round, and that is why delivery pizza comes in square boxes. This answer is much more straightforward: Square boxes are simpler, and therefore less expensive, to produce.

Try Gluten-Free Options

Ancient cultures did not have gluten-free options in their food choices. But you do, which is great news for those who have cut certain grains from their diets. Try gluten free pizza delivery near me when you’re hungering for a healthy, delicious meal that you don’t have to make yourself.

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