Eating Well This Holy Week 2019

If you’re a foodie living in the Philippines, one of the biggest challenges to your love for food is the season of Lent. While you’ll always have to  face limitations like a budget or dietary restrictions, Lent is the one time of year where you’re forced to get a little creative when it comes to your meal choices. Once a week, in fact, every Friday from Ash Wednesday to until Easter rolls around. And while many might see that as an exciting challenge, it’s still good to pull in little tips and tricks to make sure that you’re eating well during a time of fasting. Take a look at some of them below.

Meal Planning

Cooking is all about creativity, and for a lot of foodies and chefs the joy of cooking is in throwing things together spontaneously and watching something amazing happen. However, when you’ve got a regular fasting period during Fridays for the next forty days, spontaneity isn’t always the answer. That’s where meal planning comes in. According to the Mayo Clinic, meal planning has huge benefits on your health  and budget, so it’s a pretty good habit to get into.

Know Where to Buy Your Food

Fasting during Lent means less indulgence, and more mindful eating. Fridays are for veggies and fish, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your meals so much more with a little bit of prep and research. Do a little bit of research on where to get the best and freshest produce and fish, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to your Friday meals. Services like Honestbee now allow online grocery shopping, and you can even help local farmers by searching out groups on Facebook where they sell their vegetables directly to you.

Keep Things Simple

Despite living in the age of Instagram and food photography, the truth is that not every meal has to be an event. If you try and force yourself to make a flatlay every time you sit down to dinner, you might end up getting burnt out by the very things that are supposed to be good for you. Remember that the season of Lent is a time for reflection, and fasting is supposed to bring you closer to your faith. Set aside your need to post every meal online, and try to keep things deliberately simple yet healthy and filling. You might end up gaining a better understanding of yourself through your food!

Eating Out

Although home-cooked is always best, the truth is that it’s not always easy to set aside the time and energy to cook a full meal. Luckily, there are tons of places in the Metro where you can find delicious and Lent-appropriate meals. If you’re not sure where to go, it’s always a good idea to check out blogs and social media for tips. Food and travel website Daydreaming in Paradise has an excellent list of restaurant options that have healthy and nutritious meals that you can sit down to every Friday!

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